World Teachers Day: Give Thanks to Your Teacher Today

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It’s World Teachers Day and one of the best ways to celebrate this day is to give gratitude and pay homage to our beloved educators who molded us into the persons that we’ve become one way or another.

Teachers can be considered as unsung heroes. Some toil and work hard just to prepare for the class the next day. When you handle too many classes, preparation can get very exhausting.

Aside from academics, we also have teachers or coaches from extra curricular activities or sports teams. They don’t only make sure that we execute well but also of our growth and learning.

And whether they are teachers in the classroom or inside the court, we know that they teach us far more than just inside the school. We call them life mentors as well. For they also teach us the ways in life and the values we need to be better in the future. Hardwork, dedication, passion, commitment, and so much more.

So this World Teachers Day, let’s look into some ideas on how we can pay tribute and show our gratitude to our second-parents, our mentors, our teachers.

Give Out a Hollah!

The simplest thing you could do is give a shoutout to your teacher via your social media accounts. They may not be on Twitter or Instagram but for sure they are on Facebook, right?

Give out a hearty message to your favorite teacher or the one that made a huge impact in your life. Tag them and let them know how much you appreciate them even if that was years ago.

It’s important that we let them know their efforts and gestures are appreciated so they will be inspired to continue doing so in the future.

If you have a vlog or podcast, dedicate one episode to them and share your most memorable moments with them. It’s better to share those moments or instances when they did something more than just teaching you lessons in school. For example…

Did she carry you to the clinic when you needed medical attention? Did she encourage you and trained you to work harder to achieve your goal? Did she let you hitch a ride when you walked home alone because you missed the bus?

These are little yet unusual gestures of a teacher that we can consider really heroic. And because it’s World Teachers Day, let them know that they are your hero.

Send a Card or Flowers

If you want to do more than just a shoutout yet you’re far away from where your teachers are, why not send them a little present?

Send them a card with a heartfelt note. Add your handwritten wishes and recollections of all the times you appreciated the teacher you had. If that’s not enough, include a bouquet of flowers. Surely, they would love those pretty things.

You can also give something that would make them smile. Is there something that she always wants to have? Did she ever mention a favorite band in class? Or a favorite author? Do you remember where her favorite dream vacation spot was?

If you paid attention from way back, you know exactly what to give her. Be it that journal, a vinyl of her favorite band, a book from her favorite author, or even something as grand as a ticket to her favorite vacation spot.

Big or small, a little give can bring a smile to your teacher’s face. The fact alone that you remembered her means a lot already.

Pay a Visit

Let’s admit. Not all of our favorite teachers are still active and healthy. Some gets old as times passes.

So why not know their whereabouts and pay them a visit?

Try to find out where your favorite teacher is now – just hope for the best that they are not yet dead. But even if they are, you can visit their grave and bring some flowers with you. Offer a prayer and give thanks for the gift of life that your teacher has imparted on you.

If you found out that they are in a home, bring something that would bring them comfort. You can also tap a few friends and visit the home to organize something not just for your teacher but the rest of the elderly as well.

There might also be a chance that they are in the hospital, especially if they get sick because of old age. Know what are the best foods to bring to them, and other precautions you need to consider. Ask about their waking hours since they might be tired and sleepy when you visit.

But if you’re lucky enough, your teacher might just be in their respective houses. Pay them a visit. Bring a home-cooked meal that they’ll surely love. Make them feel that what they did years back still matters to you. Tell them a story or update them on how far you have come.

It is not every day that a teacher could hear the journey of their students. Both their successes and failures.

Have a Reunion Party

Don’t celebrate this day on your own. You can do this with a group of people so you can have a bigger, grander celebration like a party!

Organize a party with your class and look for a beautiful location to hold it. If only a few could commit to it, look for something more intimate so you can all be closer to each other.

You can all prepare a short speech on how your teacher can make an impact in your life. Pair the good moments with food and drinks – and it’s best if you know your teacher’s favorite so you can serve them in the party. You can music to liven up the mood. And to cap it all up, you can create a slideshow of old photos of the class with your teacher.

This idea is best if you have a group to share the expenses with. It is also a great idea if you want to catch up with everyone. This way, you don’t only pay tribute to your favorite teacher; you also get to hang out with your long-time friends.

While this idea might need a whole lot of planning, but when you see everything come together, you know it’s the best party ever!

So this World Teachers Day – and the future ones, too – make sure to give a little gesture of love and thanksgiving to that one person who made you who you are today.

To all teachers, thank you for all the lessons you taught us! You are heroes indeed!

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