Ultimate guide to use Twitter spaces

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A few months ago, while every social networks were launching their copycat of Tiktok ( reels, shorts etc .. ) Twitter launched its new feature called “Twitter Space”. An approach completely different that increases the singularity of Twitter and allows users to build stronger relationship with their audiences.

What are Twitter Spaces ?

Twitter Spaces could be described as “Live Podcasts”, or radios that are streamed straight from the app. The beta version was launched in December 2020 and the final version was released last summer.

With Twitter Spaces, Twitter innovates and wants to become the leader of the oldest format : The radio. Twitter offers the possibility to every listener to react in Live to your favorite Twitter Space host and interact with other member of the space.

It’s a way to build a stronger community than ever, imagine having the possibility to ask question, answers others straight from your Twitter app during a live podcast. Twitter just made this a reality !

Who can use Twitter Spaces ?

Twitter Spaces can be accessed by anybody. You can joined any space you want no matter how many followers you have. Just keep in mind that if you join a space, everybody can see that you joined this space.

If you want to host a Twitter Space, you will need to have at least 300 followers according to Twitter. If you leave in India, you can start a space no matter how much followers you have.

Twitter also reminds you that it’s impossible to create a Twitter Space if your account has protected Tweets.

How to join a a Twitter Space ?

Don’t worry Twitter made the process of joining a space really simple. It might be compared to instagram stories.

You need to go at the top of your feed and click on the purple bubble. Each Twitter Space has a “share” link that you can send to friends and invite them to join the space you’re in.


Then just click on “Start listening”.

Each Twitter Space has a “share” link that you can send to friends and invite them to join the space you’re in.

How to create your own Twitter Space ?

As I told you above, before starting your own Twitter Space make sure you have at least 300 followers. If you don’t, friendly advice, you can still buy some Twitter followers instead of waiting to get 300.

So frist thing first. Click & hold the compose button on your twitter feed.

Then click on the purple button for Twitter Space.

And that’s it. You now have to give your Twitter Space a name and schedule it if you want to do so.

Once your Twitter Space goes live, make sure to turn on your microphone so your listeners can ear you. Scheduling your Twitter Space can be an amazing way to create hype around your live and increase your engagement.

Once you’re live, you can easily share your Twitter Space link to encourage your audience to join the live and also give them the opportunity to share your link to their friends.

How to invite people to speak in your Twitter Space ?

When you create a Twitter Space, by default you’re the only one who speaks. But you an add a co-host to make the show with you.

You just have to tap the following Icon and add whoever you want to add as a co-host of your Twitter Space.

Inviting co-host is another wonderful way to take your engagement to another level. Imagine inviting your customers to your Twitter Space so they can give a real time testimonial etc … Possibilities are endless.

Once your Twitter Space is live, you can easily send request to people who are listening your Space to become speakers. Listeners can also send you requests by themselves to become speakers of your Space.

Earn money hosting Twitter Spaces

Twitter has launched a beta version of their monetization on Twitter Space. At the moment you can apply to join the beta of Ticketed Twitter Space.

There requirements are :

  • You have host at least 3 Spaces during the past 30 days
  • You have at least 1,000 followers
  • You have 2FA enabled on your account
  • You are over 18 years old.

You meet all those requirements you should be able to apply and earn 97% of the revenues generated by your Twitter Space. ( according to Twitter )

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