[Tips] How to write a perfect Bio on Instagram

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When it comes to establishing your brand on Instagram, you would agree that there’s nothing more crucial than your Instagram bio. You could see it as a well-structured homepage that tells people how you understand their problems and how you could solve them.

How does it work?  

In a bid to pull your needed target audience and turn them to users you need to clearly announce yourself and what you do. Before online users would troop into a particular place they need to be sure that their problems could be taken care of. So that the little unsaid magic about your Instagram bio, it’s your little marketing manager who goes about telling people about your brand.

Think of it as that catchy Meta description that highlights the key details of a website content. Your Instagram bio is that little strip of information just under your username where you concisely sell your brand’s strong points.

It contains details of your business, important links or hashtags and just anything that can persuade users that you’re the real deal.

What Should Be Contained In My Instagram Bio?

The first impression is always the most impactful, and that’s what you should aim with your Instagram bio. Strive to create an engaging impression on any user that accidentally swipes through your page.

An excellent Instagram bio should  contain at least a bit of all these

Your Name

This is the main search tool anyone would use to locate you on Instagram. You should start with your last name and also include your real (complete) brand name.

Most times people know our brand by their alias or abbreviations so it would make sense to add them there too. Anything that could say ‘this is me’ and here I am, should be added as they all serve as pointers to your page.

You could also use a keyword that may aid users to find your account.

Your Username 

Just like your name, it is a major indicator of you or your brand on a social network. Your username is your Instagram identity and it makes up part of your profile URL.

It’s always the best to use your brand name as your username which also serves as your handle. This would help in giving people a flash message of who you are and sometimes what you do.

Try to use the same username for your brand across multiple social networks to enhance identification by your clients.

Your Webpage Address 

Clickable links can be added to Instagram bios and as such you could take advantage of it to direct clients to your website. Have you just created interesting content you think could help them? Just add a link to it.

Fortunately, you can put a new website URL as many times as you wish! So why not add a link to that blog post, that new video or campaign that could go a long way to support your course.

Your Niche 

This could be included in Instagram business profiles, where you are free to add your business category or niche. With just a word or two you have said a lot about your brand, such is the magic of adding a niche to your bio.

Stating your niche could save you the stress and your bio the wordiness of having to explain what you do. It shows just beneath your name but only appears in the mobile view.

Contact Info 

This enables users to contact you using the available provisions you included. You could add your phone number, email address, webpage address or any direction to where you want your clients. It allows more bio character count since you could just add it below the bio.

This also is only applicable to the mobile view and can’t be seen on a desktop.

Verification Badge

A verification badge is the little blue tick mark that appears next to your handle when you have been verified on Instagram. If you could get one, you should anyway since it authenticates your account; it gives you an air of authority.

It’s very important because it guarantees your online guests that they have gotten to your official Instagram account.

The Bio Itself 

Instagram allows you just 150 characters to conjure up a compelling bio so you have as precise as possible. You should include your brand’s power points and assure visitors that they’ve found what they are searching for.

With such little text, you’re required to say that much, that’s why you need to be armed with the working tips. What good is an Instagram bio that can’t convey a brand promise?

Come let’s show you the tips to write a perfect Instagram bio

Tips to Write a Perfect Instagram Bio

A perfect Instagram bio is leverage to a whole follower base, below are some of the tips to get one.

Precisely Pass Your Brand Message

Giving the little room you have for content you should be precise when stating your brand’s major purpose. It shouldn’t be too official to avoid boring your visitors but make it as compelling as you can. Try as much as possible to convey your brand’s uniqueness with whatever tool you can.

How do you do this?

  • Convey significant information concerning your brand (product or Services) with a conversational approach.
  • Highlight your exceptional qualities, what makes you better than others
  • Use keywords that are related to your business or client problems
  • Talk about how your business would solve these problems

Just sell your brand to them in few words.

Use Clickable Hashtags 

Include hashtags that are directly related to your business as every hashtag has the capacity of a million clicks. That way you get a million users to access profitable web content that further sells your brand.

It could be a new campaign or ongoing promotion that’s related to a hashtag. Either way, hashtags offer great exposure to whatever idea it highlights. Clickable hashtags don’t show up in search results but could be used to promote any web content massively.

Add A Bit of Humor 

Certainly, it doesn’t work on all brands but believe me, adding a little humor to your bio makes it more engaging to your visitors. It’s a social network after all so why the uptight feeling? Make your visitors relaxed by loosening up a bit in your bio content.

It could be a funny ad campaign or promo caption; you could even use an amusing character. Whichever one that breaks the ice a bit is perfect.

Emoji Tactics 

You might not have known, but emojis actually consume less space than words and that means more characters for additional info. Plus making use of emoji creates an aura of excitement around your brand’s message of uniqueness. You don’t just add any emoji, you need to

  • Ensure any emoji you use is related to the significance of your brand
  • Ensure that the emojis add value to your bio content
  • Combine words with emojis in a very artistic manner
  • Use emojis to improve the readability of your bio by using them to break up bio text
  • Always attach a text to an emoji, don’t use it independently to prevent confusion.

No emoji is made especially for your brand, keep trying all suitable emojis till one fits.

Insert a Webpage Link

This is a very necessary tip as you may not be able to say all you want to within limited characters. A link to a more elaborate webpage would not only take them to a more explained content but also generate quality traffic for the page.

Your Instagram bio is the sole segment that allows you to post a clickable link that can be altered anytime you wish. As such you could link your blog, a welcoming page for IG users or a service page.

A Persuasive Call to Action is needed

A persuasive call to action is always needed in any marketing content to influence the user to take the required action. As far as compelling website users is concerned, few things are as influential as a persuasive CTA. It tells them what to do after going through your bio.

Your Call to Action might serve many purposes in your bio. You could take people to where they’ll buy your product or like a Facebook post or follow your feed on Instagram.

Whichever, just ensure that it agrees with your bio objectives and corresponds with your marketing intentions.

Start your CTA with an action to enhance directness. Something like visit our website or you could say come and make your choice if you’re talking about products

Activate Your Action Button 

Instagram recently released action buttons for business profiles. And business handles could use it to generate more traffic through clicks. You could even market products and other bookable using the action button.

You can activate from your profile page, in the contact options, select Add an action button. Just like that your action button appears and starts working its magic.

Utilize Customized Fonts 

You could use custom fonts to garnish the look of your bio. Yes, you’re right, it’s a social network, not your office. Although you can use only one font in your Instagram bio, there are tools that can help change your text to special characters.

Some accounts use this creative typography tip to improve the look of their bio. It’s all about the catchiness; anything that makes it appealing is accepted.

Final word

Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the globe with over 200 million visits per day. This is why your Instagram profile is your best opportunity to connect with a larger audience.

Your Instagram bio sits at the center of your Instagram profile and as such makes the first impression to any user. It is what defines your existence and should be handled with an ambition of perfection. These tips to write a perfect Instagram bio is a strong start to a task that could take a while to perfect.

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