Take Advantage of your Social Media Accounts this Christmas Season

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It’s that time of the year again!
With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure that people have started writing down their Christmas wishlists.
This season is one of the most awaited season for the whole year. It’s a time when we would share a hearty meal with our family and be thankful for all the blessings we received all year round.
As a way of showing gratitude, it has been part of our culture to give gifts to our loved ones during this celebration.
However, this special occasion brings along with it overcrowded places and long queues since everyone will be busy buying gifts. Despite this, many of us brave these places and queues just to make sure that we make our loved ones feel special.
However, with the development of technology, we are now offered an alternative solution. To avoid the holiday rush, more and more people have been turning to online shopping for a hassle-free Christmas gift buying.
With this opportunity, this is your chance to beef up your social media accounts to attract more clients to visit your page and purchase your products.
We have consolidated five simple ideas to give your social media account the Christmas spirit.

Give Out a Very Merry Christmas Deal

During Christmas season, you can see sales everywhere. As early as now, you can already see companies posting tempting deals that everyone can take advantage of during the season.
Don’t get left behind and start posting your irresistible deals as well.
Now, there are different kinds of deals that you can do for your Christmas gimmick. Below are some of the Christmas deals that you can offer your clients:

Limited Offer Sale

This kind of deal is where you want to tell your clients to purchase now or regret it later. It creates a sense of urgency and when you combine it with a good deal, then it can be a perfect combination that can lead to a purchase.

Deals under this category would include “One Day Only Sale” or “Limited Stocks Only.”

Make sure that you have announced these deals ahead of time so that clients can prepare their pockets.

Also make sure that your site can accommodate all the shoppers who will take advantage of the deals. Nothing can be more disheartening than looking forward to something and not being able to access it.

Discounted Offers

What’s a deal without a discount, right? Offer irresistible discounted offers to your clients.

You can go with a “Buy 1, Take 1.” This can be enticing to clients because they get two for the value of one. It would mean more savings for them.

You can also choose to give a big discount. Some stores go up to 70% during the holiday season. This is another tempting offer one will have difficulty of resisting.

Another option is to offer holiday coupons that clients can redeem once they make the purchase.

Free Shipping

This has got to be one of the best deals you can offer this holiday season!

Imagine being in your client’s shoe – going to overcrowded malls or bazaars with a sea of people you have to compete with, being on queue for a long time just to pay for the items, carrying all the stuff you just purchased and waiting for a transportation going home (if there’s one available immediately).

Holiday season brings holiday rush with it. So, if you were in your client’s shoe and you are being offered an option that will take away everything mentioned above, then why not grab it?

Free shipping is surely something clients will rave about. First, you can choose what you want to buy in your convenience. Second, you just pay it with just a few clicks. Third, you don’t have to leave your house. And the best part? It gets delivered right in your doorstep and wait for it…. FOR FREE!

This Christmas season, free delivery will surely be a blockbuster offer! Start promoting it in your social media accounts as early as now.

You can choose to have just a one-day free delivery. This means that everything purchased on that day will be delivered for free.

One thing you need to make sure though, is that the items must delivered on time. Logistics companies can be very busy during the holiday season so make sure to send out the items immediately.

Update your Profile Picture and Cover Photo

This could be one of the first thing that you can do to accentuate your profile. Update your profile picture and cover photo into something related to the season.

Tip #1: Change your cover photo into something that highlights an information that you want to promote. For example, you want to promote the discount that you are offering. You have to create a cover photo that contains all the important information related to the promotion.

Social media users browse their accounts from time to time. By updating your cover photo, your updated cover photo will appear in their feed.

Tip #2: In case you don’t have any promotion in mind, you can still always change your cover photo and profile picture into something that gives off the Christmas Spirit.

Just think of a really creative design and use Christmas colors like green, red, silver or gold. If you are using Facebook, then avoid the colors blue and white.

This will give your clients the impression that you are one with them in celebrating the holiday season.

Tip #3: Once you have your marketing material ready, make sure that it is consistent to all your social media accounts. This can help for better product recall.

Be Santa Claus and Make a Wish Come True

What does Santa do? Santa makes wishes come true.

That’s right. So be a Santa Claus to your clients and make their wishes come true. Who doesn’t want to receive freebies right?

What you can do is to organize a prize game. You just have to design the game in such a way that it is interactive. It can drive up engagement and it can hook your clients.

It can be as simple as asking a question in your account. Then you can create guidelines on how to pick your winner. The winners can be picked randomly by electronic draw lots in the internet.

Organize your prize game in such a way that your clients will be going back to your profile, so they will be updated with the game. During the duration, make sure that you also post other important deals so your clients can see it every time they visit.

Spread the Love

Christmas is about sharing.

Make your company an instrument for people to do just that. You can start a marketing campaign where you can pay it forward for every purchase a client has made.

For example, for every $100 dollar purchase, a portion will go to a chosen charity or you can even go for giving a dollar for every download.

Since it is very easy to spread the word in social media, you can reach even more people to help your cause.

Just make sure that you show everyone proof that you indeed made the donation. This can show everyone who participated that their purchase did not go in vain.

More than gaining new followers or potential clients, nothing beats the feeling of being able to help other people. And what makes it more special is that it is something you have done together with your clients.

Solicit Content from Clients

If you are looking at running a marketing campaign for the duration of the holiday season, then you might as well think of a theme. This theme can be different every year and will be your arching marketing message for this holiday season. Afterwards, create hashtag that can embody that theme.

You can then use this hashtag to solicit content from your clients. For example, your theme this year is about most memorable Christmas moment, you can run a contest wherein you ask your followers about it.

In giving their answers, they must use your hashtag so it will be easier to look for their entries. It will be easier for them to associate the hashtag to your brand and this will drive up engagement.

This can engage your client and it will invite them to check out your page as well.

Christmas season is a time for bonuses, so people have extra money to spend on gifts and other special things that they want to purchase for their loved ones.

Since most of the people are on a spending spree, this provides businesses an opportunity to promote what they can offer. So, it would be best to prepare your social media marketing strategy to make the most out of the holidays.

Christmas is perhaps one of the most heartwarming seasons of the year. People take a time off their daily routines and spend it with their loved ones.

Give your client’s the gift of a stress-free holiday shopping! With your offers and its convenience, you will surely give them a Very Merry Christmas!

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