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It’s Cheer Up The Lonely Day! And what a great opportunity to have a day dedicated to just making someone feel good.

The task of making someone smile or happy can be daunting. One factor is we could never know what makes a person smile. Sometimes, we think of something too grand that we end up spending too much yet our efforts get unappreciated. People also have different tastes with things. Others love surprises while others don’t; others like random gifts given by strangers, others just throw them away when you’re out of sight. Really, it matters what floats their boats.

Another factor is the hesitation to even try to make a person smile. Sure, we have lots of ideas but then we hesitate at the last minute. One can sometimes be too shy to even try or just really hesitate to give out a helping hand. Probably when their days are too bad, there’s no room for anything to change their mood. Just an assurance: if you try and they’re still all grumpy, it is not your fault.

Lastly, the things we see in social media sort of sets the bar high. People expect too much and we feel so pressured to spend for something to just brighten someone’s day. Random strangers giving out what street people need by ordering it online and have it delivered straight to the concerned person. But it’s rather rare that someone can be that rich and generous to the homeless, right? We easily equate having to cheer someone up as to spending too much when, in reality, it doesn’t have to be.

So how do you cheer up someone who’s down?

There are many ways you can do that and it doesn’t even have to cost a dime. We give you a few tips on how to do it so that this #CheerUpTheLonelyDay, you can draw more smiles on people’s faces – both on those who are close to you and strangers you get to meet.