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SocialCaptain is a web based software that helps to get more instagram followers. As they said on their website, SocialCaptain helps people to grow their account “automagically”.

In 2020, everyone dreams about traveling and getting paid to take pictures all around the world. But the truth is that getting famous on instagram takes time.

That’s why there are so many apps that promise to get you thousands of followers on Instagram. But be careful, most of them are scam. They will either still your money for nothing or get your account banned.

Hopefully there are still some great tools that can provide real results and help you to grow your following on instagram. And SocialCaptain is definitely one of them.

What SocialCaptain offers ?

When you sign up on SocialCaptain, you’ll get in touch with a personal assistant that will help you to develop your Instagram account the right way. You can target the audience you need and track results in real time using their customer’s dashboard.

How do SocialCaptain grow Instagram accounts ?

When you sign up, you will be invited to chose your targeted audience though several filters. You Instagram manager will then use several methods to attract new followers on your instagram profile using automation.

But what makes SocialCaptain so powerful is their Artificial Intelligence feature that truly boost your growth by x10.


SocialCaptain has a beautiful Dashboard

When it comes to tracking results, SocialCaptain provide real time tracking dashboard to analyze and optimize your growth.

Send automatic DM to your new followers

In the variety of tools that SocialCaptain offers, our favorite one is the automatic DM option. It’s still in Beta but it really makes the difference when it comes to sell products to your audience.

SocialCaptain Pricing

You can chose between 3 different pricing plans.

The 7 days plan is nice to make a try but not the most economic. 

We strongly advise you to go with the Turbo Plan so you can enjoy the Supercharged Growth provided by the AI.

You have a free trial so you can try without any risk !

SocialCaptain Users Reviews

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Pedro CreunaCom
Pedro CreunaCom
21,483 Followers Increase – 21% Engagement Improvement
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I'm the last person to write online reviews but I'll go out of my way this time since I absolutely love the service and what it did for our business. Why? Well, I signed up on November 7th – 15,728 Followers, 17% Engagement Rate. Today (January 6th) – 37,211 Followers, 38% (!!) Engagement Rate. Over 20k real followers in under 2 months that interact with our content and generated over $175k+ in sales over the last 30 days alone! I think that speaks for itself!
Dale Nesvarbu
Dale Nesvarbu
Professional company - unlike others
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I never write reviews but my experience with socialcaptain so far was way beyond my expectations. Out of all the instagram growth platforms I've tried so far (probably all haha), SC generates the best results by far. Angely (from support) told me about the issue they have with competitors writing negative reviews on fake websites. That's also why I'm writing this review – I feel bad for them having to deal with shady competitors like SocialSteeze and their fake blogs. As a happy SocialCaptain user I can assure you their service is incomparable to any other. Their UI and ease of use were worth switching all my accounts to them. Big up guys!
Folio Illustration agency
Folio Illustration agency
Best Instagram automation tool
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If you're serious about Instagram Marketing, SocialCaptain is honestly a no-brainer choice. Honestly we couldn't be more please. P.S: It looks like SocialCaptain competitors are posting fake negative reviews from fake accounts. Don't let that fool you - try their free 3-day trial 😉

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