Social Media Updates: September Round-up

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social media updates

It’s been a busy month for tech as many innovations and updates were released for the past few weeks. Social media joined that scene, too. September was full of exciting changes for almost every social media platform there is. Here are a few social media updates that you might have missed out.

Facebook Expands Augmented Reality for Ads

Ever noticed how more ads are getting more interactive? This has been the goal of social media marketing for the past year. Engagement is a huge thing nowadays. Your ads would be nothing if no one notices it. While it has always been a challenge to entice your readers to even click your ad, Facebook is trying to roll out a new feature that would help you with that.

Anchoring from Instagram’s interactive poll ads, Facebook is planning to bring in the same feature to and more. This would help advertisers and brands create a more interactive and engaging ad. Gone are the days that we see photos and videos promoting something. Now, people can participate with the ads. With augmented reality added into the advertising game, brands can give their customers and experience of what’s in store for them.

Can’t wait to see this for holiday ads!

Hide Replies Options Now on Twitter

If you’ve had enough of the negativity on your thread, just hide them. Twitter once experimented on hiding tweets in Canada. Now, they’re doing so for USA and Japan.

The Hide Replies option helps those accounts who often receive hate tweets, spam, or those totally unrelated ones to create a more sensible line of conversation within the thread. So instead of being filled with spam and the likes, you can control which replies can be seen and seen first. This feature, however, does not totally erase the comments. It simply hides them. That being said, any user still can view them by showing hidden replies. Yep, just like Facebook comments.

Pinterest Adds Interactivity in Group Boards

Want to ask your group if it’s a yay or nay? You can do so now as Pinterest adds new emoji reactions and chat features. Now, it’s more than just sharing your lovely content in your Pinterest board. You can pin on your board and see how your friends react through emoji reactions.

Following suites with Facebook’s multiple reactions (compared to just a ‘like’), Pinterest wants you and your friends to interact more with whatever you post. You can use these reaction to your advantage. Say, you have a pin for design ideas for marketing collaterals… you can ask what they think about it in a more creative way.

More to it, Pinterest also adds chat features in your group’s board so you can discuss about it further! Pinterest is surely taking the right steps in making their platform more interactive.

Skill Assessments Option for Your LinkedIn Profile

Want to highlight your skills more than any of your credentials?

LinkedIn’s new feature now allows users to take skills assessment tests and have it featured on their profiles. This gives you a chance to bring out what you’re really best in and have employers and clients take notice rather than school credentials and the likes.

Just like online freelance job portals, you can choose and take the skills tests that you like. Once done, you can opt to show it on your profile or not. This gives you an advantage especially if you failed the tests at first try. Only you can view the exact test results. Should you fail the test, LinkedIn would recommend some lessons you can take in order to pass the test next time. But if you pass the test, the platform will send you some job recommendations that fit your skills.

This features is just perfect for LinkedIn. Now that they have this, it creates a

Watching YouTube on TV? The New Masthead for Ads Works Like TV ads

YouTube found that most of their recent and rising audience are actually those who connect and watch YouTube through their Smart TVs. So they thought of creating something for advertisers to take advantage of now that they’re ready for the bigger screen.

Adding the new ‘masthead’ ad option brings your usual YouTube ads to fill and occupy your entire screen. Your viewing experience would now be like your usual TV viewing. The ads would autoplay and adjust that to the size of the screen.

According to YouTube:

“Masthead [ads] will autoplay for viewers after a few seconds on all compatible devices. This, coupled with the home feed placement, means brand creatives will be front and center of the YouTube app experience on TV screens.”

Could we consider this as good news?

For advertisers, it is. Imagine the possibilities of placing your product out there on your TV screens without paying for the price of an entire TV ad. But for viewers, this will become a bit of an annoying problem.

Viewers have grown accustomed to watching on YouTube because they don’t have to be bombarded with too many advertisements. But with this progress, we bet viewers might not welcome the new feature that much.

Snapchat Ups Their Game with 3D Snaps

Don’t count Snapchat out just because people are already enjoying Instagram. The social media giant is trying to find their way back to people’s hearts (and social media feed) by introducing 3D Snaps.

Snapchat’s all new feature allows users to create 3D photos using their 3D Camera Mode. This takes advantage of the higher end of smart phones with dual front cameras. According to Snapchat:

“Today we’re excited to introduce a 3D Camera Mode that adds depth to your Snaps. Use it to create Snaps that capture spatial detail, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your phone when you view them. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different.”

With this, they’re adding some 3D filters that would help enhance your snaps making it more fun and entertaining for all your fans to see. Try it out with your latest phone and update your Snapchat app. Here’s how you do it:

  • Update the Snapchat app
  • Open to the Snapchat camera
  • Select the dropdown menu on the right
  • Select “3D” and take a selfie
  • From there, swipe to add 3D Lenses and Filters for another layer of interactivity.
  • You can share to your Stories, Chat, or even save to your Camera Roll to share anywhere.

Loved Tiktok? Instagram is Working on Bringing the Fun in Their App!

If you’re one of those TikTok lovers, you wouldn’t have to look far to be able to do your witty dubs from another app and export and share it on Instagram. That is because Instagram is working on making that same feature available on the app itself. Yep, you heard that right! It’s TikTokxInstagram kind of mash up and we bet you’re all excited for this.

The feature would be called ‘Clips’ and it would function just like TikTok. Users can record and dub short video clips, add music, and change the video’s speed.

We might see this as just a copy of an original. But Instagram is doing the right move so as not to bid their millions of followers goodbye and see them using other apps. Instead, they replicate a feature so they can still keep their followers intact – or maybe add some more.

Wise move? We think so.

Craving for More Social Media Updates?

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