Social Media in Times of Marketing Crisis

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It happens to the best of us. Personally, that is.
Creating a social media presence requires a lot of careful attention to details. Just one wrong move – a word, an image, a comment, reply, etc. – could spiral you to your downfall. Even your very product and service can create a spark and ignite worse issues.
We sure make a few blunders here and there, but what if t happens to your company’s online marketing? Would you be ready then?

Before the crisis…

Not every company would think of creating a crisis management team; but now, you should.
Choose people who are innately good with – well – people since you’ll probably be facing and answering to them in times of crisis.
Also, it’s best to include someone who is good with words. Releasing immediate and effective damage control online would require careful word choice as to not ignite the issue further.
Then, create a crisis plan.
Who handles the social media? What listening tool should you use to determine issues before they blow off? Who would be the best person to answer a certain issue?
These are just a few points to start with. And when you’re done with the plan, do a test run on different circumstances if possible.

During the crisis…

Your listening tool is your best savior in trying to determine issues and other signals that something might go out of hand.
Creating search queues to track mentions of your brand and monitor what people are talking about. Be it about your tangible products, service, new ads you put out, or what someone in your company have said during a press release or conference.
If there’s an increase in these concerns, they sure are warning signs. Act out upon it before it worsens.
Also, don’t try to delete or report any comment or tweet made against you with the hopes that it will all just go away. Truth is, it won’t.
Take immediate action. Mistweeted? Wrong post? Correct them right away. Never forget to apologize in the process.
Remember that the best cases in crisis management is not only limited to telling or admitting to people what you know about the issue; you should also tell them what you do not know.
At least, everything is transparent. But of course, people would keep on prodding you for answers. So never stop there. Keep on searching and providing them information until the issue dissipates.

After the crisis…

They say that experience is the best teacher. Well, they’re right.
After the crisis you’ve been through, take note of your customers’ response to each move you make.
What made them create more noise? What made the issue die down?
While dealing with the crisis, take note of each step you made and how it affected your crisis management efforts.
Then, get back to the drawing board and improve the plan that you’ve just implemented.
Every mistake comes with a lesson learned. Always use a crisis experience to create a better brand and representation for your company. We can’t please everybody, but we can always try to achieve that.

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