Social Media is Going Crazy Over New Snapchat Filters

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Ever noticed your news feed and stories lately? People are going crazy with the new Snapchat filters that’s taking social media by storm.

We’ve always known Snapchat to dish out cool and funny camera filters but this batch is one for the books.

People all over the globe – from celebrities to parents (who use the filters on their babies) – have used these filters to either poke fun at themselves or others, or to see and compare their faces with their siblings, friends, or significant other. Because the new filters are very much relatable to everyone.

Here are the few Snapchat filters that people are enjoying lately.

Change to Masculine

Every woman has probably used this filter. It detects your facial contours and change or transform your face into masculine features making someone look like a man. It gives the face a strong feature like a more angular jawline and some facial hair. So how could this be something fun?

There tends to be fun results among women, some seeing how much they really look like their father, brother, or even their husbands! It’s crazy how technology makes us see the other side and answer that question “what if I was a man?”.

A lot of Snapchat users have shared how their masculine self looks a lot like their father when they were younger. Others kid their siblings by expressing disappointment on how they look like their brother. While those who look like their husbands, boyfriends, or partners think… well… that they’re meant to be together.

Go on and try it and see who you look like!

Change to Feminine

The same with the previous filter, this filter answer the question “what if I was a woman?” But since the male population are not into selfies and using filters, girlfriends try to be sneaky on their man and snap them with this filter.

But, guys, don’t worry about looking all feminine! You’d surely laugh it all out with your friend when you see how pretty you could get. It might be a shocking discovery that you look like your mother, or maybe your girlfriend! But don’t be shocked at all if you look so much alike your sibling and tell them “yep, you can’t deny it.”

Baby Face

This is probably one of the cutest filters you’ll ever find. See how accurate this filter could get.

Take a snapshot using this filter and see how it turns your photo to a younger version of you. If you got some old photos of you as a kid, compare it to the result of this snapchat filter.

This filter is also famous among parents not because they use this on their children (because, well, how could they look any younger?) but because they use this filter to see who their babies actually look like. So Moms and Dads, guess we have things to settle now with this filter.

Change Voice

Snapchat already has a wide variety of filters that would change your voice. The latest one with compress your face a bit with just one tooth sticking out. It’s actually funnier when you use it and talk to someone like you’re an old person scolding young and noisy kids outside.

How Snapchat Filters Changes Social Media

Past and present Snapchat filters are not there for aesthetic purposes only. Of course, they could be used that way as that’s their primary function but other brands actually use these filters to their campaigns. It solely depends on how creative you can get and if your products and services can somehow be related to these filters.

Nonetheless, explore and experiment and join in the fun. Who knows? This will bring you closer to your target audience with just one snap!


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