Save Your Christmas! Last-Minute Gift-Wrapping Ideas from Pinterest

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It’s just a few days before Christmas. Are you feeling the Christmas rush?

We do! I’m sure all your presents are ready for this year’s celebration. But have you wrapped them?

Not yet? Oh no! You’re in a wrapping emergency!

With Christmas getting close, you should have wrapped all your presents by now. But we understand your busy schedule gets in the way, and we’re here to the rescue.

We have browsed through Pinterest for some inspirations. We have carefully chosen some designs whose materials can easily be found in your home.

In this post, we will be teaching you some last-minute Christmas wrapping that can make your gift look extra special. These gift-wrapping techniques are easy to follow and can be done in just a few minutes.

Let’s begin!

  1. The DIY Christmas Tree Wrap

Materials Needed:

  • Brown paper
  • Green Washi Tape
  • Yellow Construction Paper

How to do it:

  1. Wrap your gift with a brown paper
  2. Cut your green washi tape. Each cut must be shorter than the previous one so you can create an image of a Christmas Tree
  3. With your yellow construction paper, create a star. You can watch some Youtube Videos about the instructions on how to do it. It is very simple, and you can get it accomplished within a minute. After making your star, paste it on top of the Christmas Tree.

Viola! You have your DIY Christmas Tree Gift Wrap. It is very easy to do and you will only need a few materials to get it done. This is good for gifts with a flat surface.

You can browse through the design here.

  1. DIY Tissue Paper Roll Container

Materials Needed:

  • Tissue Paper Roll
  • Specialty Paper
  • Ribbon

How to do it:

  1. Get a tissue paper roll.
  2. Flatten it.
  3. Push the side of the roll inwards. Do the same with the other.
  4. Do the same for the opposite end of the roll.
  5. Cut some paper in accordance to the width of the roll.
  6. Wrap it around the roll.
  7. Take a ribbon and it on top of the specialty paper.

With just seven easy steps, you now have your DIY Tissue Paper Roll Container. This wrap is perfect for small gifts like earrings, candies or some money.

For more designs, click here.

  1. Santa Claus Wrap

Materials Needed:

  • Bond paper
  • Red Construction Paper
  • Ball pen
  • Pentel Pen

How to do it:

  1. Wrap your gift using the bond paper.
  2. Draw a hat and Santa’s nose using the red construction paper.
  3. Draw a cloud-like shape and a circle using your bond paper. You will use this to accentuate Santa’s hat.
  4. Paste Santa’s hat on the top portion of your gift.
  5. Paste the cloud-like shape at the end of Santa’s hat and paste the circle on the tip of the hat.
  6. Cut Santa’s beard.
  7. Draw his mount and tongue using your ball pen.
  8. Paste it below the beard. Make sure there will be space for his eyes.
  9. Paste Santa’s nose.
  10. Draw his eyes.
  11. Draw the shape of his face.

This one is simple but very creative. This is good for gifts with boxes and with a rectangular shape. With this creative gift-wrapping idea, the receiver will surely have second thoughts in opening it.

  1. Snowman Wrap

Materials Needed:

  • Bond paper
  • Green Ribbon
  • Ball pen
  • Yellow construction paper

How to do it:

  1. Wrap your gift using the bond paper.
  2. Cut a triangular shape in your yellow construction paper. You can also use orange.
  3. Draw the eyes and eye brows of your snowman.
  4. Paste his nose
  5. Draw his smile.
  6. Place the ribbon and tie it accordingly
  7. Draw his buttons

Yes, it’s that simple! You are just a few steps away from making a boring design into something really marvelous *wink*

Here’s where we got the inspiration for the Santa Claus and Snowman Wrap: Santa Claus and Snowman Christmas Wrap

  1. Rudolf Envelope

Materials Needed:

  • Brown Paper (Dark and Light)
  • Bond paper
  • Black ball pen
  • Red construction paper

How to do it:

  1. Watch a Youtube instructional video on how to do an envelope.
  2. Follow the instructions using your dark brown paper.
  3. Cut two circles using your bond paper. This will serve as Rudolf’s eyes
  4. Draw his eyes using the black ball pen. You can just follow the circle and leave space.
  5. Cut a red circle using your construction paper.
  6. Paste it on the tip of the envelope.

Why use an ordinary envelope when you can make an extraordinary one in just a few minutes? Transform your envelope into something fit for Christmas with the six easy steps mentioned above. This will be perfect for Christmas letters.

Inspired by this page.

  1. Brown Bag Crafts

Brown bags are becoming popular as a way to wrap gifts during Christmas. Aside from it being eco-friendly, it is also easy to do. But giving gifts with just the brown bag can be dull.

Below, we will teach you how to accentuate your brown bag to transform it into something with a better feel of Christmas.

3D Christmas Tree

Materials Needed:

  • Brown bag
  • Green construction paper
  • Red Washi Tape
  • Glue
  • Black ball pen

How to do it:

  1. Cut three triangles using your green construction paper.
  2. Fold the triangles into half.
  3. Paste the right side of the first triangle with the left side of the second triangle.
  4. Do the same for the second and the third triangle.
  5. Paste the left side of the first triangle and the right side of the third triangle to your brown bag.
  6. Cut a circle using your washi tape and paste it in the tip of your 3D Christmas tree.
  7. Draw the foundation using your black ball pen.



3D Christmas Balls

Materials Needed:

  • Brown Bag
  • Specialty Papers
  • Glue
  • Red and Blue Washi Tape

How to do it:

  1. Prepare three specialty papers.
  2. Cut three circles per specialty paper.
  3. Fold the circles.
  4. Paste the right side of the first circle with the left side of the second circle.
  5. Do the same for the second and the third circle. You can alternate the designs, so you will come up with different accents for your Christmas Balls.
  6. Paste the left side of the first circle and the right side of the third circle to your brown bag.
  7. Cut your washi tape and connect it with your Christmas Ball as if you were hanging it.

Click here for other designs.

Christmas Sock

Materials Needed:

  • Brown bag
  • Bond paper
  • Red Construction paper
  • Pentel Pen

How to do it:

  1. Draw a sack using your bond paper.
  2. Using your pentel pen, create a think outline for your drawing. This will give you a chance to adjust your design later on.
  3. Cut your red construction paper into strips.
  4. Cut and paste accordingly to your Christmas sack drawing. At this point, just make sure that all your tips are within the black outline.
  5. Once completed, cut the sack including the black outline. By cutting the black outline, you will have an end product that look neat, clean and consistent.


Christmas Balls

Materials Needed:

  • Brown paper
  • Specialty Paper
  • Red Washi Tape
  • Black ball pen

How to do it:

  1. Wrap your gift using your brown paper.
  2. Cut circles using your specialty paper. The size of the circle will depend on the size of the gift. You can choose to have different designs for your specialty paper.
  3. Design your washi tapes in a way where it would look like you’re hanging the Christmas Balls.
  4. Paste your balls accordingly. Make sure that you’ll have a consistent amount of space in between the balls.
  5. Draw the tip of the ball to connect it to the washi tape.

Here’s where we got the inspiration.

There you have it!

Once again, Pinterest was able to save you this Christmas. From DIY Christmas gifts to how to wrap them creatively, Pinterest have been a source of inspiration for your creativity.

All the designs above are easy to make and is very social media post worthy.

Avoid the monotone of the usual Christmas wrappers because you are just a few steps away from boring Christmas wraps.  Why choose boring when you can easily make it fun?

You just shave to spend a little time to make your gifts cuter and more special. Make this Christmas season extra special for your loved ones with your gift-wrapping skill extra ordinaire.

Start wrapping those gifts and you’ll surely be unwrapping blessings that will come your way.

From all of us here in Rocket Social, we wish you a Happy Holidays!

Happy Wrapping!

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