Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking

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You open your Twitter and scroll through the tweets. Boring… boring… bo-… oh! Something interesting and worth the read!
But you don’t have much time to read it now. How about reading it later? Impossible.
Is this scene familiar to you? Do you also scroll through hundreds of tweets at the end (or beginning) of the day, see something worthwhile yet have no time to read it?
Annoying, isn’t it?
But a great news has been flying around Twitterverse lately that’s going to solve this problem through a soon-to-be-launched ‘Save for Later’ feature.

Twitter Vice President of Product Keith Coleman tweeted last October 9 that the micro-blogging site would soon roll out a new feature to allow users to bookmark tweets which he said was a ‘top request’.
Jesar Shah, Twitter’s Product Manager, also gave a sneak peek on the same date on how the bookmarking feature would look like.
Based on Shah’s preview of the feature, a Twitter user can save a tweet to read or view for a later time through an overflow menu replacing the ‘Send via DM’ icon at the bottom right of the tweet. You can view all the tweets that you bookmarked by going to your profile.
It’s a simple, quick, and great solution for one thing avid Twitter users have been asking for.
Before this feature, most users would either ‘like’ a tweet or send the tweet via DM to themselves just so they can find it somewhere should they need the reference. With this feature, they wouldn’t need to do these.
Although Twitter hasn’t announced an exact release date for this feature yet, we bet all those who use Twitter on a daily basis would find this a huge development and improvement on the micro-blogging platform.

Other Twitter Features On Demand

Rocket Social took the liberty of going through some other ‘demands’ from Twitter users and found these features to be most requested, too.
We all know about people’s request to be able to edit a tweet. While some people are debating on these, others would be okay to have this feature even just for Twitter DM’s.
There are also a few suggestions on a ‘Schedule for Later‘ feature to allow a user to schedule a tweet. Most users would need a third-party app to do that.
Others would also love a feature that would help clean-up their feed from tweets they want to get rid of. From removing spam and other ads to filtering or blocking certain hashtags from appearing on their feed.

These might be less of a priority (but surely more important than 280 characters), but if the bookmarking feature caught the attention of the Twitter gods and sent it as a gift to the users, maybe there’s hope for these other features.
After all, each development came up and was realized because users have been asking for them.
It might just take a few more pushes and shoves to finally get these features rolled out for everyone.
And we’re crossing our fingers for an edit tweet feature… or maybe we could start off with minimizing spam.

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