Optimize your Online Marketing for Christmas

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The season of cheer is here! So is the season of good food and gift giving.
Christmas is one of the most popular holidays around the globe – and is the busiest one for countless of businesses around the globe. People rush into stores and malls to shop for that perfect Christmas gift.
This is also a holiday where retailers – including your business – have a lot of golden opportunities to maximize and increase sales.
Online marketing, especially social media, can help you towards that goal. If you create the proper content, include the perfect keywords, and entice your target market with the best deals, you’re on the right track to getting the best for your sales this season.
Here are a few things you could do to optimize your online presence this Christmas:

Use the right keywords.

Apparently, search engine optimization is still a big thing.
Nowadays, people are relying on the power of the internet to do their shopping for them. So what can you do?
Do so keyword research and apply them to your items or website. Create product descriptions that would include Christmas or holiday keywords and lure online shoppers to your page.

E-mail marketing is still in.

Yes, people might be busy; but if you create an email subject that captures a reader, this could work well for you.
E-mail marketing is still in – believe it or not. Send your loyal customers some gift ideas that they can get from your store. Have fun in categorizing them! Whether it’s for a specific Secret Santa theme (i.e. something small, something round, etc.) or for a specific person they’d probably give a gift to (i.e. for dad, for mom, etc.)
Use email marketing as a teaser to what’s in it for them in your store.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Everybody loves sale especially in this season of giving.
Give back to your customers by giving out huge discounts, feature sale items, or sending your loyal customers a special coupon or promo code they can use on your store.
Don’t get left behind with the competitors; even small-scale businesses can use the sale as a marketing tool for their business.

Social media buzz.

If you have the budget, invest in ads on Facebook or Instagram. But if you don’t, that doesn’t mean that creating a buzz in social media won’t work.
Plan out a fun and interactive social media campaign. Create contests and games and post anything related to Christmas. You can have a 12-IG Stories of Christmas and feature 12 gift items in your store that your target market might be interested in. (You can read about some IG Story tips here.)
Don’t put your social media to sleep. Don’t just depend on sales and discounts you give. Create some noise. Let people know you have the holiday spirit in your store and make them that your store is the place to be for Christmas shopping.

Omnishopping is the way to go.

Heard this word?
Omnishopping is allowing your customers to shop in more ways than one. Target all your online marketing efforts not only to one form of shopping but to all.
Have a store sale. Create coupons for online shopping. The key here is to not leave one form shopping out.
Would you want more people to visit your store? Then have bigger discounts if they buy from your store!
Or maybe you want to increase your online presence? Then send out online shopping coupon codes for them to use.
Explore all channels and possibilities. Vary them in a way that a person who prefers one over the other will feel like there’s something special in it for them. But create discounts with little disparity over the other so a customer who prefers store shopping over online shopping would still enjoy the experience and not be forced to shop online.

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