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A new social media platform is making waves recently – and it’s come to be in close competition with Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Vero! The new “true” social media networking app that “does not want to make the same mistakes Facebook and Instagram did”. So they say.

Let’s explore more of Vero and see if it really is worth the try.

The “True” Social

Vero prides itself in bringing back the real essence of social media which is to socialize among the people you’re connected with.

They guaranteed that there will be no annoying ads, and that all you find in your feed are posts from people directly connected to you.

They bank on their membership or subscription scheme wherein a user would be asked to pay a minimal annual fee to use the platform. This way, they could still earn and continue to operate.

Merchants who want to sell their products on Vero will also need to pay for a transaction fee so they their buyers can directly purchase the product on their post via the ‘Buy Me’ button.
‘This sounds like a lot of fees!’ you might think but this could help weed out desperate advertising than the organic posts.

Read Posts WHEN it’s Posted

Vero is selling the thought of bringing back the chronological algorithm. (Despite them saying they don’t have any ‘algorithm’.)

Remember when Facebook and Instagram used to do this? Then, they messed things up with a new algorithm? That’s what’s Vero’s trying to sell to its new users.

Gone are the messed up timelines, and missing recent posts from friends. With Vero, you’ll get to read the latest post whenever you go online.

Free Membership for the First Few to Sign Up

Vero gave out a free membership offer for their first one million users and it showed its great success so far.

With its current pace, Vero went out and gave more free memberships for people to sign up. This is a good news to those who wants to get ahead and wants to know how it feels like to use their platform.

A Word of Caution

You might have went across and article by Cella Lao Rousseau from iMore about Vero and its team. In her article, Rousseau mentioned that the Vero Team is composed of mostly Russians, and that ‘its CEO is a Lebanese billionaire heir and the son of Lebanon’s Prime Minister’.

Further, Rousseau mentioned the alleged heinous rule of the CEO’s father.

The combination of Russians controlling the social media platform and an oppressive Lebanese PM to fund it, we might be on tiptoes on this one.

First, the article is giving us a notion that maybe signing up and providing all our personal data to a group of Russians may not be the safest move.

Plus, funding the platform might be a passive support to the violence and oppression that the CEO’s father is imposing on his country.

Whereas we at Rocket Social don’t promote violence thus, no further argument with that point. But as for our data and its vulnerability, aren’t we already submitting to that with all the social media and search engines?

That’s a thought to ponder.

But if you want to risk it and give it a try, go for Vero and experience what true social really is.

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