How to Market the Holidays to Those who Don’t Celebrate Christmas

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Most of us think of Christmas as a tradition in relation to religion. It is a cultural celebration, yes; but with culture comes the religious belief of the majority.

While for Christians, this is a celebration of Christ’s birth, other religions don’t see Christmas that way. But that doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate Christmas at all.
There are many Christmas traditions that are not related to religious beliefs or practices. This season can still be celebrated by anyone.
So don’t worry about diverting your online marketing strategies for the holidays.

Family Gathering

If your business is about food, laughter, and good cheer, maximize the idea of family gatherings.
The holidays usually give everyone a break over the weekend so it’s best to entice them with mouth-watering recipes from restos, warm and cozy hang out places, and a variety of ingredients for a delectable home-cooked meal.
This is also the best time for retailers to market their games and entertainment items which families can enjoy together.
With an entire family getting together, you’ll never run out of ideas on what they might be interested in!

Gift Giving

Of course, Christmas won’t be the same without the tradition of gift giving. Be it for a fun twist of Secret Santa, a new version of exchange of gifts, or just giving gifts to close family and friends.
With so many gift ideas around, you’ll never run out of marketing strategies to explore.
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Gift giving is a worldwide tradition of any occasion but is usually highlighted on big celebrations like Christmas. Leave that premise to your consumers that this holiday can also be enjoyed by those who just want to dig into tradition and not religion.


Of course, the Christmas season always sparks generosity in people’s hearts. If we can give gifts to family and friends, why not for charity?
Create bundle deals and other bulk order promos for your store. This would encourage individuals, groups, and organizations to purchase from your store since they would need everything in bulk.
So what items would you exactly sell in bulk?
Think of what are the closest charitable institutions around you. You could sell baby items and their basic needs. You could also sell school supplies and other educational items.
Sell toys in bulk for those who want to visit a children’s hospitals or knitted sweaters for elderly homes.
Food items would also be great for this purpose – either to prepare a meal for everyone involved (including the beneficiaries) or to give away to others.
Like gift giving, gift ideas for charity is endless. When you want to give and share with others, there are no limits and boundaries as to what and how much you could give.

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