How to Market Your Business when it’s not Holiday-ish

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Let’s face it. If you’re not selling gift or food items, your business is most probably hushed down during the holidays.
This is the season when people are crazy about shopping for gifts like clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books, and many more. Plus, all the partying and celebration requires food and drinks so people would surely rush for grocery goodies.
But what if your business doesn’t fall on the must-have list for the festivities?
Look into other factors of this season and you’ll see how some of the most uncommon, obscure businesses (at least as far as Christmas is concerned) can benefit from.

Warm up the cold

The cold season is here and it’s the best opportunity if you have something warm to offer.
Pop-up a stall in the mall or supermarket or even just outside them. Offer hot food and beverages to warm up people’s tummies. You can offer warm clothing like hats, mittens, and scarves, too.
But let’s think big. What other things need warming?
A car could break down in the cold, for one. If you’re an expert on auto-repair and maintenance (be it just you or if you really own a company), you can offer your services to people who might have trouble with their cars.
Houses need warming, too. Offer to fix people’s heating and furnaces and they’ll thank you for helping them warm up their homes.

Crafts and DIYs

Christmas is also the season for some color and creativity. Sell some crafts and DIY items!
People who love to work with their hands and create their own Christmas decors and gifts will need lots of craft items.
Load up your yarns, twines, board and colored papers, paints, and more!
You can also bundle up a few things together and sell them for a lesser price. (i.e. paints and brushes, felt paper and scissors, etc.)
If you have just a little idea of what to put together, look for DIY videos online and see which are the most common items that these crafts would require.

Travel for the holidays

Some families might prefer to do the extraordinary – like travel for the holidays.
The Christmas rush might be too toxic – plus their busy lives at work and at home. A little relaxation and getaway for the entire family would do.
Ask for some referrals from friends of friends (or of family members) and listen to what they want their ideal vacation would be like.
Look for great holiday deals and plan out a perfect travel itinerary for them.
Whether it’s for Christmas or after the entire celebration, it’s always a good idea to treat oneself with a great holiday.

Channel your inner pet lover

So if there are people who want to go on vacation, try to ask if they have any pets.
Why don’t you offer to look after their pets?
If you love pets, pet-sitting would be a good business this season. While some families would like to bring their pets and let them feel like part of the family in this festive season, sometimes, they leave them at home when they think their pets can’t handle the long travel.
Those fur babies might just make your Christmas experience more memorable by having them around. Plus, a gift of friendship might be in the making here.

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