Lazy Day? Here are Instagrammable Activities You Can Do

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Feeling a little lazy today? That’s because it’s National Lazy Day!

Imagine having a day for that?! And the best thing about it is it falls on a weekend! So you have pretty much no excuse not to celebrate this day. Hooray!

This day may be meant for lazying around but it doesn’t have to be totally unproductive. There are still a lot of activities you can do without feeling very tired at the end of the day.

Here are some tips on what you can do this National Lazy Day and feel like it’s still a productive day after all!

Flix and Chill

As this generations call it, “Netflix and Chill” – but let’s not monopolize everything to one streaming site.

One of the easiest things you can do on a lazy day is to watch tons of videos, series, or movies in a day. You can simply go on an unending loop of watching your favorite blogger’s videos after the other until it would lead you to some weird compilation of funny videos or angry, rejected, reality show contestants! You’ll be surprised how time flies when you’re in that loop!

Aside from watching YouTube videos, you can catch up on your favorite TV series that you’ve been missing for the past months. Binge-watch the entire season or you can also re-watch your favorite series, season, or episodes of the show. For others, it might be a waste of the day but there’s nothing more relieving that being able to finally have peace of mind, being able to relate to fans, and not dodging any spoilers anymore!

Speaking of spoilers, you sure don’t like the fact that others may have watched a movie ahead of you. And just like TV series, you might have tried to avoid spoilers for a long time now. Fret not! This day is the best chance to watch all those movies.

So go and put that popcorn in the microwave or order some pizza coz you’re going to have lots of ‘flix’ time today! Flaunt it on your IG story or take a photo of that lazy feels!

Play Dress-Up

All you girly girls out there might love this suggestion! Rummage your closet and mix and match some clothes for fun.

On ordinary work or school days, there’s not much time to mix and match your outfits especially if you’re rushing not to be late. There’s just too many clothes and so little time!

For National Lazy Day, celebrate with taking out all your clothes and play dress-up. Mix and match clothes like you’ve never done before! See that leather pants? Go look for a perfect top for it! Or maybe a sweater or a jacket that you’ve been keeping for long but just don’t know which clothes would best fit them. Rediscover your sense of style by taking out those pieces that you thought were outdated now.

And to top it off, put some make up on and experiment on color combinations! Or if you’re not so good with make up, search for a DIY make up tutorial on YouTube and discover that artist in you.

When you’re done, snap away and take lots of photos not only to show off on Instagram but to also keep a personal catalog on which clothes you have successfully matched today for future reference.

Game Day, All Day

Put your game face on coz you would need it for the entire day!

When we say game, we say play any game that you like. Maybe you’re into sports and have a hoop at the backyard. Go and sweat it out or just practice your freethrow shots or some hops. You can call some friends or invite them to go to the park to play your favorite sport.

If you’re not in the mood for sweat, you can chill and still hang out with your friends. Grab your consoles or even just your phone and see who’s the boss in your online or computer games. You and your friends can switch turns by subbing the loser. Post your best scores on IG or take a funny snapshot of the loser!

And if digital gaming is not your thing, why don’t you try board games? Turn off technology and just play games the traditional way. You’ll be surprised on how much fun it actually is. You can go for the classic ones or try the new board games with lots of twists to add up some fun.

Rainy Day? Get Warm on a Lazy Day

There’s just nothing like a lazy day when it’s raining outside. And we can’t blame you for just wanting to snuggle up in bed to keep you warm.

Put on your sweater weather OOTD and show it off to your followers. Wear something warm and fuzzy that could entice them to do the same.

Aside from that, you can brew a fresh cup of coffee or steep your favorite tea. Or if you are a sweet tooth, a hot chocolate would do. You can sit on the sofa or lounge chair with a fleece blanket and just chill.

Pump up that lazy day mood with some music. Be it something slow and mellow to match the lazy feels, or something that’s lively and fun just to compliment the weather outside. Whatever floats your boat, just do it.

Foodies’ Get Together

Cooking might be tiring for some, but it is a stress reliever for others. And if there’s a lot of time to do so just like today, cooking can be the best activity to while away the time.

If you prefer to go solo and have the kitchen to yourself, that’s fine. We get it – some alone time is necessary at times… and just imagine having all the food to yourself. This can also be the best opportunity to experiment with a new recipe. But if you think it’s too lonely to cook alone, then call some of your friends and have a foodies get together party. You can ask them to bring their own ingredients or drop by the grocery to purchase some items that you ran out of in your kitchen.

Don’t forget to IG that dish when it’s served!

Read a Book

We all have different hobbies and likes and some people just really want to lie in bed or sit with a good book.

Bookworms would definitely love lazy days since this is more ideal for reading than doing anything else. It’s the best time to just sit down and drown into the world of fiction or biographies that you love. This lazy day is the best time to grab that book and finally pick up where you left off – and maybe even finish the entire book!

If you ran out of books to read, you can either re-read something that you really loved reading the first time or drive to the nearest bookstore to purchase a whole new adventure.

Take a Dip

We gave you a suggestion in case it ends up a rainy day. But when it’s too hot or warm outside, maybe taking a dip would be the best option to cool you down.

If there’s a nearby pool in your place, then go for a quick drive and dive. Or you can dip in your backyard pool even if it’s just as small as a kiddie or inflatable one. You can even take a dip indoors with your bath tub!

To heighten your experience and make it a more relaxing day, you can make your cool lemonade or mix some piña colada, put your sunglasses on, and that lovely beach hat. It’s not really like being in the beach but at least you’re getting the vibe!

Sometimes, we need to reward ourselves with the little things in life even if it means just lazying the day away. Lazy doesn’t always necessarily mean lying in be all day (although that’s also a pretty enticing idea); you can still do something productive – like our suggestions above – to not just waste an entire day.

The same thing goes out to productivity. It does not always mean that you have to do something really stressful and tiring to be productive. Sometimes, you just have to do the things you always fail to do, forget to do, or neglect to do when you are too busy.

So have a productive lazy day, everyone!

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