Keeping Your Followers Up-to-Date While on Travel

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We all know that engagement is key in maintaining a good social media reputation.
The rule always says to keep your social media accounts updated by posting daily. It should be something interesting and relatable to your audience.
However, there would always be days that you cannot handle all of that in a day or so. For one, you might be on a vacation trip.
We take vacations to unwind and relax. But how can you completely do that if you’re worried about keeping your social media accounts updated?
Well, it’s not that difficult, really. You’re going to take photos of your trip anyway, right? As long as you bring the right gadget on your trip, getting active on social media while traveling is a piece of cake.

Connect Social Media Accounts

The great thing about social networking sites is that they could be integrated into each other. Simply choose one social media account you’ll focus on and connect it to your other social media accounts. That way, you’ll have everything up-to-date without wasting so much time in posting on all social media platforms.
We suggest using Instagram. It’s the best platform for sharing photos, and you can connect it to both Facebook and Twitter. And if you run a page, it can post on a Facebook page as well.

Use Photo Editing Apps

While we love to use #NoFilter, but sometimes we need to.
Using photo editing apps does not only make your photos look vibrant and enticing, it’s also easier to edit photos in them.
Choose those that have the filters that match your camera’s color and resolution. Try to take one test photo on a scenery nearby and see how your phone’s camera fair. Then, experiment with different photo editing apps.
It would be great if you find an app that can also auto-post to your social media accounts. That way, you shorten the process of posting your photo and saves you much time.

One Post Then, Go Explore

Like we mentioned earlier, this is supposed to be a vacation. The main point of it is to sit back, relax, and just relieve all your stress.
So don’t stress too much on your posts!
You don’t have to post your every move, every food you eat, or every place you go. Choose the highlights of your day and make one post at the end of it.
Instagram’s feature that allows you to post multiple photos is the perfect solution to this problem. Put everything in one post and tell a great story about your trip by chronologically arranging your photos to somehow let your followers experience the trip themselves.
This way, you get to share your wonderful trip in a more intimate way.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags!

Use hashtags when needed.
Some may find it annoying or totally pointless, but you know it isn’t and that it is there for a purpose.
Use travel photography hashtags to lure in jet-setters across the globe and maybe it will encourage them to follow you. Or you can think of official hashtags you make for yourself on this perfect occasion.
And if so, think of something creative and witty. Create something that would stick to the minds for your followers. Use it as your personal branding.


That way, when you go on your travels, you can use that hashtag and maybe go back and view all of those posts you made using that hashtag a year or two later.

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