It’s More Fun with Boomerang

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Instagram’s Boomerang was one of the biggest trends in social media marketing last year. SM experts and gurus have predicted that it would still be one of the trends this year.
With the rise of video marketing’s popularity, Boomerang rides in on that category; since it’s not totally a video – and not a GIF, either.
Basically, Instagram Boomerang is a burst of shots stitched together to create a moving picture. Unlike GIFs that moves forward then loop back to the beginning, Boomerang moves forward AND back, then loop.
Taking creative Boomerangs would surely kick in some fun on your IG stories and posts; something that your audience would really love.
But how do you take creative Boomerangs exactly? Well, there’s really no exact formula but we could give you a few tips to start with.

Hold your phone steady.

Boomerang’s highlight is usually a moving object. So do hold your phone still and take a steady shot. A shaky IG Boomerang plus a moving object would just make it look all chaotic.
The only time you can do simple camera movements is when your object is in a steady state.
And if you don’t trust your shaky hands, try using a tripod.

Keep it simple…

Some might say that simple is boring. But if you can think of a creative way on how to make things ‘move’, then simplicity will surely make it a beauty.
Plain backgrounds, use of thematic colors and the likes can be paired with an emphatic movement of your object.

…or be wild!

Or, maybe, you just really want to dare to be wild!
Don’t be afraid to do that, too! If you think it fits your marketing strategy or your brand, then go ahead and be crazy about the IG Boomerang you’re about to do.
Make faces, shoot explosive scenes (literally or not) – find the ‘wow’ factor in your post.
Just remember, though. If you want to go all out on your post, make sure it still interesting, gets the message across, and pleasing to the eyes.

Create layers of movements.

‘Layers’ is when you have interesting objects in the foreground and background. Seeing two things move together in parallel directions actually look cute. So when you see an opportunity to shoot these shots, seize it!

Practice + Experiment – and never stop learning!

Like we said, there is no exact, direct, and fool-proof way to create good Boomerangs. But it will all boil down to your willingness to keep on practicing and experimenting.
The old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ will ring true in creating IG Boomerangs. It takes some time to get used to it. But if you keep on practicing AND experimenting, you’ll soon be a pro at this.
And speaking of pro… here’s a pro tip:
Using your four fingers, tap the screen for times. The timing is tricky but if you get it right, the ‘hidden’ menu will reveal.
You can play with Boomerang settings according to your liking like resolution, Boomerang mode, frame count, and frame rate.

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