How to make Thanksgiving Meaningful for Your Business Through Social Media

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There a lot of things to be thankful for. But do we say thank you enough?

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. It reminds us of all the things we should be thankful for. For businesses, it is an opportunity to express gratitude to all the people who have been vital to its success.

In this post, we will be talking about how to make Thanksgiving truly meaningful for your business by saying thank you to everyone who contributed to its success through social media.

Saying “Thank You” is not a difficult thing to do and yet we don’t practice it often.

A simple “Thank You” can lighten up someone’s day. These two words can easily boost someone’s morale and it can motivate them further because you made them feel appreciated. This is what Thanksgiving is trying to remind us every time we celebrate the occasion.

Thank You might just be two words, but these two words are truly powerful.

In business, practicing gratitude can come a long way. Now it’s time to reflect, how often do you say thank you to people who have helped you with your business? We sure hope the answer is “very often.”

But in case your answer is a bit unfavorable, then it’s never too late.

This Thanksgiving don’t forget to say, “Thank you!” to everyone who contributed to the success of your business. And a better way to do that is through social media. It’s time to tell the whole world how much you appreciate these people.

Here’s how you can say thank you to those people and make Thanksgiving meaningful for your business through social media.

Say Thank You to your Clients

Never forget to say thank you to your clients. They are the ones who keep your business going. Without their patronage, your business won’t be a success.

This Thanksgiving do something that will make them feel appreciated. It doesn’t have to be something grand, it just have to be sincere. A simple acknowledgement can make your clients feel appreciated for their loyalty.

You can give a shout out to your loyal clients in your social media account. Thank them for their support. A shout out is like a personalized way of saying thank you. This appreciation can make you clinch their loyalty even more. Let them know you appreciate them. You can even share their post and tag them.

Another option would be to take a fun team photo and include a thank you message. You have to compose your thank you message well to convey your sincerity. You can post this in your account, so your clients will be able to see it.

You can even do a feature story a chosen client and post it in your blog. You can also choose to create a graphics to thank all your followers in your social media accounts.

Another option is for you to give your loyal clients an exclusive discount or a free product or service. You can send them a private message and document them availing the freebies that you’ve given them. This can also encourage other clients to be more loyal knowing they will be rewarded in the long run.

Appreciate your Partners

Your partners are people who helped you achieve certain milestones in your business.

Whether they are people, groups or organizations who you’ve had a project together or you’ve collaborated with, this is a perfect time to show your gratitude to them.

You can share a content that shows your partnership and write a simple thank you note. And of course, don’t forget to tag them in your post! This will convey a message to them that you appreciate the partnership.

These are people whom you might still be working with in the future. So, don’t commit the mistake of making them feel that they are not appreciated. Industry partners won’t like to work again with a company who easily forgets after a project or a collaboration. Maintaining a good business relationship with them is a long-term investment for your business.

Express your Gratitude to Social Media Influencers

Influencer Marketing proved to be a good marketing strategy when it comes to social media platforms. A shout out or repost from them can send over a lot of potential clients to your account.

It’s time to express your gratitude to them this Thanksgiving. You can send them a private message in their social media account and express how thankful you are for their help. You can even opt to give them a little token in a form of a freebie.

This will make them feel appreciated and will make them want to continue helping you in the future. You wouldn’t want them in your bad side, right? So, don’t make them feel that you’re ungrateful.

Say your thank you and make them feel that you value what they have done to your business. This can foster a long-term partnership with them and will benefit your business in the long run.

Solicit reviews or referrals

Since Thanksgiving is a season of showing appreciation, then why not get some from your clients as well?

You can ask them to give you some review or feedback or even ask them to do some referrals. If they do so, this will show that they really believe in your product. It’s your cue then to say thank you to them in return.

Soliciting good reviews from your clients is important because most people read reviews first before trying out products or services. Getting good reviews from them can come a long way for your business as this will serve as a strong testimony of how effective your products and services are.

Since it’s a season of appreciation, this might just be the perfect time to get some appreciation in return.

Reward your employees

Thou shall not forget your employees. If you want your business to be running smoothly, then make your employees feel appreciated for the hard work that they are contributing to your company.

You can give them gifts for Thanksgiving, document it, create a short video or graphics and post it in your social media account. Be proud and show the world how thankful you are for the people behind the success of your company.

This simple act of appreciation can be greatly valued by your employees. In the everyday hustle and bustle, this sincere act of saying thank you can motivate them to make their work better. There are times when things just get too busy at work and employees feel demotivated because they feel unappreciated. Well, it’s time to prove them wrong. Make them feel how you value their presence and contribution.

You can even host a lunch or dinner treat for them. This will help you bond with them and for them to bond with their co-workers as well.

Aside from that, this will also show your clients that you treat your employees well. This positive outlook can resonate to the overall image of your business. Sometimes, clients stop patronizing a product if they know a company do not treat their employees well.

Give back to the Community

You can also make Thanksgiving more meaningful by organizing a fund raising or charity event for the community. With all the success coming your way, it’s time to pay it forward.

You can do some calls for donation in your social media account to make your social media followers a part of the effort. Think of something that can be helpful to your chosen community.

During the day of the event, make sure to have constant updates in your page. This will make donors feel that their donations did not go in vain. This will also make them feel that they are part of it even if they are not physically there.

This is a good opportunity to bring people together for a common cause. You do not just pay it forward, you’ve also created a connection with people whom you know are willing to help others.

Thus, don’t forget to send them a thank you message after the event.

There are different ways of showing gratitude. You can do it in social media or even offline. What’s important is you do not forget to say thank you.

More than the stuffed turkey we have in our tables during the celebration, we must not forget to look beyond what it signifies – blessings and prosperity. As we devour the food in our table, we must think of all the people who contributed to what we have prepared.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is just a reminder for us to be grateful of all the things we currently have and don’t have. But it shouldn’t be a one-time celebration. Saying thank you, expressing gratitude and showing appreciation is something we must do whole year round.

It’s these simple acts and little things that actually make a lot of difference. We should stop neglecting what it can do and start practicing what it’s meant for.

From all of us here in Rocket Social, our sincerest “Thank you!”

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