A Quick Guide on How to Conduct an Instagram Live Feed

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We’ve talked about Instagram Stories before, it’s time to put your social media presence to a higher level.


One of the social media features that you should try to maximize your business is Instagram Live.
Instagram Live was first launched in 2016. It is Instagram’s feature allowing users to do live feeds in their account. It’s pretty much like Facebook and Twitter Live but it doesn’t have a host or server. It deletes your live video after 24 hours.
When you go live, your followers will know it. There will be a “Live” label and indicator at the bottom of your photo on the Stories bar.
Doing an Instagram Live feed is a brilliant platform to promote your business, especially those who can’t afford for big promotions. That’s why it’s important to know how to do it and when to do it so you can maximize Instagram Stories for your business.

Plan, Prepare, Promote

The first step is always to plan when to do it. Iron out the details as to what kind of live feed you’ll conduct, its content, when to do it, and who would host it.
Always be prepared for it. Test out any technical details before you go live. It’s best to go for a little run-through or dry-run offline just to check your camera’s video quality, your angle, framing, and lighting, your internet speed, and your audio.
Another thing that you should not neglect is the promotion. Do it in as many social media accounts possible. Create teasers. Maybe you can give out items and special promo codes during the live feel that your audience would want.
Once you get these ready, it’s time to air live.

Do Live Creatively

There are many different ways to do Instagram Live (and we’ll talk about it in our next post).
But whatever ways or means IG Live can bring to your business would be nothing without a touch of creativity.
The first thing you should consider is your audience. What do you think would be interesting for your market? Try to look outside the box in thinking of topics. Yes, it should still be related to your business but there’s always a creative twist to it. Find it.
Next is on HOW you do it.
Regardless of the countless ideas you have, make sure to put a little twist on it just so it wouldn’t seem so plain and boring.

Save, Post, Share

Like mentioned a while ago, Instagram’s system would instantly delete your live video within 24 hours. But it doesn’t mean you can’t save it.
Right after your Instagram Live, you simply need to tap the ‘Save’ icon at the upper right hand of the screen when you end your live feed. Just wait until the download is complete.
Once you have saved your IG live video, you’re free to post it on your Instagram account or any other social media accounts. You can also share the video on your Facebook page, blog, or official website.
That way, other people can also video your Instagram Live especially those who might be interested but can’t go online when you conducted it.
More so, people can share it with others and spread the fun and information that your IG Live feed have brought. It’s not just an online marketing strategy; it works well as an advertisement, too.

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