How Social Media Can Increase Your Store Sales

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In this digital age, businesses now engage with their customers online. You could barely find a business that is not online or in social media, especially those who have online shops.

Maybe you’re doubting if you’ll dive into the trend. After all, social media efforts take a lot of time.

But do consider this: social media platforms are free. And with your target market just within reach, maybe it’s something worth investing on.

So if you’re not yet on social media, you might want to consider these to finally decide and help increase your store sales.

Mobile is Social


Never doubt to put your business in social media. Why? It’s because most people access the internet through their mobile phones. And the most common – and even the first – thing they do on their phones is to check their social media accounts.

With that in mind, you know that you’ll be able to reach out to your target market. You can start with the common social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, if it yields good sales for you, you can invest more on other social networking sites like Pinterest, Quora, and many others.

Customers First


Once you put yourself out in social media, one thing you should remember is to put your customers first.

Your social media accounts may be your channel to advertise or market your products and services, but it’s also the best opportunity to reach out to your customers.

Remember that communication is two-way, so when a customer inquires or complains through social media, a reply would be highly appreciated. Address the concerns right away and, if you can’t give them a definite answer at the moment, give them a time frame on when you can answer the inquiry.

When there’s no inquiry whatsoever, then interact with them. Thank them for every compliment they give. More so, listen to what they’re saying in your social media page. They might give you the next best idea on what you can add or improve in the future.

Have Social Presence


Creating a social media account for business doesn’t just end there. You have to be consistent in posting and promoting your products and services.

Don’t just post anything straight out hard sell. Be creative in how you put yourself out there. There might be limitations to social media (i.e. Twitter’s 240 character limit) but treat each challenge as something you could be creative with.

Your social media presence matters. How you make your presence felt matters more.

Use Hashtags


Hashtags may look like just some fad nowadays, but remember how powerful and useful a hashtag was before everybody just use one for any purpose.

Hashtags allow businesses to easily trace a topic or item of concern. One could create a hashtag for an event or a product launch, while others can use hashtags to trace customer concerns, promos, and even online orders.

With the help of social media tools like Hootsuite, you can easily manage hashtags that you used for various campaigns.



Learn to integrate your online store in your social media accounts.

This isn’t necessarily the final step. But maybe you’ll forget about this once you get too engrossed with posting and interacting.

Facebook pages allows businesses to post their products so customers can easily check them out with just a few taps. Instagram is slowly getting in the shopping game, too, with various features like allowing customers to book a table or seat. We could expect more in the feature.

The key is to make your social media account a one-stop-shop for your customers. If you want them to still visit your website, you can always add links (especially on special promos) to your products.

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