How it Works ?
You can find here the secrets of our awesome Work. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.
For Instagram Influencers

Social Media Influencer – Digital Nomads – Blogger – Celebrities

For Businesses on Instagram

Ecommerce – Restaurants – Agency – Retailers – Stores – Brands – Fitness

For Professionals on Instagram

Fitness Coach – Artist – Photographer – Musicians – Models

Engagement is the Key

A dedicated Team to serve your Growth

On Social Media, engagement is the key. So our work is all based on creating engagement. Engage again and again with Targeted followers, using the right Hashtags, here is the key !

Our customers have not only become influencers for top brands, increased their website traffic and brand exposure, but have also been able to see return of investment with their Instagram accounts.

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So easy

You have almost nothing to do, just keep using your account with passion. We take care of the Growth.

Support 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day to assist you if you have any question. You can contact us by mail or WhatsApp !

Cancel Anytime 

If you don’t like our service you can cancel it anytime

Everything is done manually

We create engagement but we don’t use any bot. For security reasons, everything is done manually, this way there is absolutely no risk of ban.

You can still use your account

During our work, you will still be able to log on your account and use it like you always did !

More than 700+ People rated Us 5 stars 

Before RocketSocial We were on Fiverr where we were Top Rated Seller with more than 700 5 stars review.

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Is your service safe ?

Our service is 100% safe, everything is done smoothly and manually. We are not doing anything against instagram TOS. We have managed more than 1000 accounts and we never faced any issue.

Is it allowed by instagram ?

We are not using fake accounts or automation software. We would never do anything against the instagram Terms of service.

Are the followers real ?

Yes, of course. Our job consists in attracting people who are interested in your niche or topic using interaction methods.

Can I still use my account ?

Of course. You can still post an engage as you always do.

When I cancel, will I lose the followers ?

No, you won’t lose them. The followers will stay as long as they are interested in your content, we do not control them but most of the time they stay for a very long time.

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