Halloween Costume Ideas That Are IG-Worthy

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It’s the first week of October and it only means that Halloween is just around the corner!

So, are you ready for another spooky treat? Have you decided what character are you going to be this year? And have you imagined what make up are you gonna put on?

If your answer is NO, worry no more! This post will help you gear up for another chilliiiiiing Halloween.

We have outlined some costume ideas that you can choose from and some make up tips that you can use to compliment your costume.

You still have a few weeks so let’s get started!

Halloween costumes are usually the highlight of the spooky celebration. People who attend Halloween parties should dress the part and give justice to the creepiness and the spookiness of their character.

If you haven’t decided yet on who you’re going to be this year, here are some simple and easy but definitely spooky Halloween Costume and Make Up Ideas you can choose from:


Vampires can be scary but after Twilight and Vampire Diaries, they have become pretty romantic too.

Nonetheless, dressing as a vampire this Halloween is blood suckingly fun.

Here’s what you’re going to need: Look for any black cloth (black blanket, curtain or sheet.) This will serve as your cape. To make the blood effect, you just have to mix water, corn syrup and red food dye. And take out that bloody red lipstick to complete your costume!


Not all clowns are funny, some of them are scary.

Dress as a sinister clown or the joker and give people the chills they deserve this Halloween.

Raid you closet and choose your most colorful clothes. Use spray hair color for your hair or you can use a colorful wig. For your make up, you can use face paint to add details in your mouth and nose. Add some blood for the extra scare.


Admit it, you were having difficulty sleeping when you were a child because you keep imagining a ghost looking at you.

Well, it’s time to relive that moment. Creep the hell out of people and dress as a ghost. Haunt them in their sleep.

This costume is one of the easiest one to do. You just have to sacrifice one bed white bed cover, draw those creepy eyes (make sure it fits your face) and cut the eyes out (yes, literally cut the eyes.)

Boom! You’re now a ghost. Just don’t be Casper because he’s the friendly one. *wink*

Evil Tooth Fairy

Children will definitely come running off when you’ll come and collect their tooth.

To make the look, you just have to buy an old fairy or angels wings. Then draw a big white tooth and paste it on a simple shirt. To spice up the look, splash blood all over the shirt and your face and you’re good to go.

Just don’t be too scary or else… a lot of tooth might fall off and you might end up collecting all of them.


Thinking about someone without a head is already giving me chills.

Let others experience those chills too. Look for an oversized shirt and hide your head using it. Then buy a fake head. If you can’t find one, then make one. You can use paper-mache, paste and newspaper. Shape it like a head and draw a face.

And oh, don’t forget the blood! Make sure it’s dripping right off your “head.”


Stop hiding skeletons in your closet. Be one this Halloween!

People are surely gonna run off when they see you walking around. What?! A skeleton can walk? That’s one creepy thought.

This costume is easy to pull off. Start off by painting your face white using face paint. Then draw a ring in your eyes using black eye shadow. For your body, you can have a white shirt on top of a black one. Cut the upper shirt like a skeleton. You can reverse the shirt color as well.


You’ll just need toilet paper to pull off this look.

Add some brown accent to give justice to the years you’ve been buried so you’ll be mummified.

Oh! And uhm, make sure the tissues are not used ones. *vomits*

Zombie Prom Queen

If you still want to look sassy on Halloween, then be a Zombie Prom Queen. This sassy look doesn’t mean pretty, though.

Scare people off with this look. For your face make up, mix mascara with water and use a cotton swab to darken your eyes. To make it more realistic, smudge lipstick across your mouth. Your hair must play its part too – it must be disorganized and chaotic.

And of course, don’t forget your crown, Princess! Add a prom queen sash to complete your look.

Child Snatcher

With this costume, no kid will come trick or treating your doorstep this Halloween! You can finally just save up those candies *evil laugh*

Kidding aside, scare kids off as they get treats from your house with this Child Snatcher costume. You just need a black top hat (preferably pointed), a biiiiig fake nose and a long trench coat.

With this costume, you can definitely make the kids’ Halloween one for the books!

Dead Bride

Here comes the bride

Dressed all in light

Radiant and lovely

She bleeds in his sight…

Oops! Turn happiness to tragedy and dress as a dead bride.

Just look for an old white dress and a veil. Then place blood across your throat and make it look like a slit. Splatter some blood in your “wedding dress.” And don’t forget those dead flowers to add accent.

With your costume, there’ll surely be no one waiting for you down the aisle.


Show those muscles off and dress as Frankenstein.

Pretend to be one of the strongest creatures this Halloween. All you’ll need is green paint for your face and body, eyeliner to draw your scars and a black or green suit.

Make sure to stuff yourself to make your muscles more, well… Frankensteiny.

Deadly Butcher

“Ahhhhh! Please don’t cut me to pieces!”

They’ll surely shout it out once you’re coming near them. Scare people off by dressing as a deadly butcher.

You’ll only need an old apron, pillow case, fake blood and a fake butcher’s knife.

Put on your old cooking apron. Then cut holes in your pillow case (or else you’ll end up the one being killed) and put it over your head. Splash fake blood in your apron and leave some for your hands. To complete your costume, buy or make that fake butcher’s knife.

Creepy Devil

Devils are unwelcomed guests from hell.

But since it’s Halloween, they’re allowed to party with us. Ha-ha.

If you wanna dress as a creepy devil, you’ll just need a little black dress, some horns and red contact lenses.

Enhance your look more with some make up.

Clean up well, b*tch. It might be the only time that Satan will allow you to party.

Killer Nurse

Nurses are there to heal you, but this Halloween nurse is gonna kill yaaaa!

Scare your patients off with that white nursing uniform, nursing hat and surgical mask. Looks pretty normal, huh?

But ah-uh, don’t forget the blood and the knife.


Here’s another easy favorite every Halloween: Samara.

To pull off this look, all you’ll need is a night gown or a long white dress. Put some mud to add accent. You can also put make up on to enhance your costume (in case they see your face). Lastly, just comb your hair all the way to the front of your face.

All you’ll need is some awesome acting and a TV. Oops, kidding.

Creepy Doll

Dolls are cute and cuddly. They usually get a lot of hugs and smooches from children.

Then came Anabelle.

Dress as a creepy doll this Halloween and scare off kids in your neighborhood. Just look for your “dolliest” dress and wear your hair in pigtails. Then add some porcelain cracks in your face and you’ll be as creepy as hell.

It’s time to say bye-bye to those cuddles! No ones gonna be giving you smooches this Halloween.

The Nun

Here’s another scary costume you can wear. You can be “The Nun” and hear those people screaming upon your approach.

You can just use a white dress and wrap a white cloth around your head. Then look for some black blanket that you can use as your veil. Don’t forget your cross necklace. For your face make up, use some white paint. Then you can use a black mascara or eyeliner to draw black details around your eyes. Then put on some black lipstick. You can use contact lenses to add some scare factor.

Halloween is fast approaching. You still have a few weeks to make this year’s Halloween a memorable one.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your costume and make up. The ideas given above are all simple and easy to do. Just make use of what you already have.

Oh, and before we forget, here’s the last thing you’ll need to know – heat up those horror movie acting skills. You’re gonna need it A LOT!

Happy Halloween!

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