[Guide] How to easily schedule & repost your Instagram posts

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If you run a business, either online or physically, you probably also run social media accounts for your business. Social media can be incredibly powerful to boost your sales and bring you new customers. However, if you’re not actively posting everyday and engaging with your community there are chances that you won’t get anything from social media.

Posting fresh content everyday is the way to grow your account, especially on Instagram. But it requires time and some company even hire a dedicated Social Media manager to handle this part.

But did you know that you can simplify this process by posting on instagram on autopilot ? Since 2020, Instagram is allowing third party services such as Postocom or Later to schedule posts using the Facebook API. Which means that you can use some apps to schedule your posts and while you’re doing this, you’re not going against Facebook terms of services.

And as you know, time is money. So you better jump into scheduling to really start growing your social media accounts without spending thousands of dollars in hiring a social media manager.

We will se how you can do it using a third party service called Postocom ( cf our article about the best social media scheduling tools ), and then how to do it using the Facebook creator studio.

Let’s jump into this !

1/ Schedule your Instagram posts using Postocom

While we can schedule posts using the Facebook creator studio, we definitely prefer to use a third party service such as Postocom. Why ? Well, the main reason is that when you schedule a post for Instagram or Facebook, you can also publish them on other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and even GoogleMyBusiness.

It makes save a lot of time and efforts and we strongly encourage you to do the same thing.

So let’s get started, first go to 👉https://postocom.co

Then go ahead and click on “Create a free account”.

On the next page, fill in the form to register an account and verify your email address if necessary.

Once your account is created and you are logged in, click on account manager.

Then click on “Add instagram profile”. Please not that your instagram account MUST be an Instagram business account and must be linked to a facebook Page.

This is mandatory as we are using the official instagram API. If you don’t know how to switch to business account, you can find the instagram documentation here.

Then click on “Connect with Button”.

Allow the connection with facebook and check ✅ the account you want to use.

Then click on >Instagram > Post

At this time we did the most boring part. The fun is yet to come ! 😉

On the left side of the screen, select the profile your want to schedule your post on.

In the middle part, upload your picture & type your caption.

And in the bottom part you need to click on “Schedule” to open the schedule module. Select the date & hour when you want your post to be published.

There is also an option to automatically repost your post on a daily basis for a certaine amount of days.

Then click on the button “Schedule” and we’re done ! 😊Congratulations, you just scheduled your first instagram post !

Now you can view your scheduled posts on the “Schedules” tab.

And here we are ! You don’t have anymore excuses to not rocking on Instagram. Start scheduling your posts will probably give you a nice boost. You can also grow your instagram using our Instagram growth plan .

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Start growing your Instagram account today ! 🔥


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