Games in Snapchat? Snappables Adds Fun to Snapchat

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Looks like we’re all in it for a surprise from our beloved Snapchat! The social media platform has announced that they might possible launch a new feature soon. Soon enough, we’ll be seeing games in Snapchat.

Yes, you got that right. Games. In. Snapchat.

According to Cheddar, there have been talks that Snapchat is creating a whole new gaming platform inside the application itself. While this is not new for any social media application, Snap Inc. is looking into gaining back (or more) users to the app, and hopefully, additional revenue for the company.

While all of these are still plans at hand, here’s what we know and what we think of this move.

It Started with Snappables

This is not the first time that Snapchat introduced gaming to its users. Remember when they started Snappables?

Snapples are simple AR games that you can find through the filter carousel. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. You just choose one of their available games from the carousel, open your selfie camera, and the screen would transform into a gaming interface.

Most of the games would detect and use your face to move around the gameplay. For example, your head would become the spaceship that you would need to manoeuver around the interface and dodge meteors. Of course, as the gameplay would require you to dodge and/or collect something, you would have to move your head side to side.

Snappables allow you to play alone or with a friend! Now, we know this is nothing new since Facebook Messenger already has this, but who cares? It’s fun and it sure did make users want for something more.

This is why Snapchat wanted to do more than just the Snappables and go into a bigger in-app gaming platform.

Snapchat and Gaming

After Snap Inc. acquired 10% of game development company Tencent, people have been on their toes whether Snap would incorporate gaming into their app. Now the speculations are over. They are indeed creating a gaming platform on Snapchat.

Snapchat is said to include a few titles from themselves. But the most interesting part is that they’re opening up the game development to other third-party developers from outside; a news that comes with a lot of expectations from both developers and users.

Now, the pressure is on for developers. This is a warm welcome to what they can offer to the table. Creativity and innovation would truly be tested because, aside from the given stiff competition between developers, creating a game that’s fit for Snapchat’s platform could pose as a great challenge.

And the cause of their pressure? The users. People would surely look forward to seeing good titles and enjoyable gameplays in the plethora of game choices. There’s a lot that users would surely expect from these games. Something that they could look forward to playing, get hooked, and never want to leave.

But what could turn users off this gaming venture?

Lousy Gameplay, Less Social, Monetizing

One thing a player doesn’t want from any type of game is a lousy gameplay. The extremes in game difficulty – too easy or too difficult – can bore or anger players right away. Another lousy gameplay is when it takes forever to replenish “lives” in the game. Sure, we can do life limits to 5 (like Candy Crush, etc.) but when it easily gets wasted by a difficult gameplay, and difficult to gain back, players would throw their hands up in surrender.

Another downer is if the array of games are less social and more solitary. Sure, one can play on his own and that is totally fine. But, let’s face it – this is a social media platform. So people would surely want to play with friends and compete against them (hello leaderboards!). Plus, the bragging rights that come with it. When friends get competitive in a game, we all know how they want to keep on playing (and beating each other).

But what could possibly turn some frowns from players is over monetizing a game.

Snap Inc. is surely bringing in games to the platform for that. While some players could gamble and spend a few dollars on a game, sometimes, it’s just not worth it. When a game requires some purchase at almost all in-game currencies, it takes the fun out of the game. It is obvious that all the game (or the platform) wants is just to earn through a player’s spending. This should not be – and not always be – the case.

Players purchase a few things for games (lives or special privileges, perhaps) but when it’s all over the game and far too much, they just quit playing altogether.

The Idea is Not Totally New, But…

If we talk about social media platforms diving into the world of games, it’s not a new idea. Social networking sites, in general, have always introduced and integrated games in them – especially Facebook.

When everything went mobile, so does the content of the internet. From productivity to shopping, from social networking to gaming – almost everything is right in the palm of our hands.

The idea of a social networking mobile application integrated with games is nothing new. Facebook’s Messenger app actually went first. (Remember all those who got crazy with Everwing, etc.?) It became a huge hit for social media users especially that it structures on social gaming and leaderboards. Who doesn’t love a friendly competition and beating your friends’ all-time best, right?

But why could Snapchat dive into a venture that is nothing new?

The decline of Snapchat users has always been their concern since Instagram took the lead from them. Yes, there are still a few users on Snapchat – even celebrities – but they want to do something big and grand to retain what remains as their loyal users. Also, they see the gaming venture as something that could lure the old users back or, hopefully, gain new users.

The question would then be: would it be worth it? Knowing that a lot of effort has been and will be poured out on a gaming platform, we could be in one with Snapchat in hoping for the best. It might just be worth the effort of going something new, but not original.

This new gaming venture for Snapchat sure does sound exciting. On the bright side, it seems like Facebook won’t be monopolizing all the fun anymore. Crossing our fingers that we would all find something fun, enjoyable, and long-lasting to play with.

We’re all looking forward to it, we bet!

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