Freebies and Giveaways You Can Give to Up Your Sales

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Are you trying to gain traction in acquiring more sales for your brand lately? Your marketing smarts would tell you that creating promotions that would attract your customers is the best way to go about it. One thing you can do is send out giveaways and other freebies that would entice your customer to buy your items.

You might ask: wouldn’t giving away free stuff more of a loss than something to gain for your company?

If you’re giving away anything for free without any

Giveaways for Online Stores and Purchases

Do you have an online store or allow online purchases? Here are a few giveaway ideas that you can send out to your customers!

Coupon and Discount Codes

This is probably the most basic giveaway there is in the online shopping world. Giving out coupon or discount codes to your customers can definitely entice them to purchase something from your store.

Observe which items your customers buy the most or that they’ve kept on searching for quite some time or have been staying on their cart for too long. Push their buttons to finally purchase these items. Giving away some discount or coupon codes specific for that category can entice them to finally click or tap the purchase button.

The catch? Aside from giving discounts only to certain categories, the terms and conditions should include purchasing a minimum amount. Let’s say you’re giving away a 10% discount, or maybe free shipping, or at least a $2 voucher. With that much discount, let them spend around $15-20 first to get those freebies.

It’s not much, but surely they’ll bite into that sweet offer and give in.

Giveaways for a Certain Amount Spent

Just like promo codes and vouchers, you can give out an actual item at a certain amount to be paid.

You can look for your most searched items are those that are selling like hotcakes and give them as a freebie. Or if you have new stocks of items that went out a few weeks back, they could also be great giveaways. But why these items?

Items like these would spark interest from your customers. And if they’re really good items, they would do anything just to get them even if it means spending at a certain limit just to get them for free.

Physical Stores and Products

The greater challenge lies on those who sell their products through physical stores via store shelves or stalls. It’s more difficult to convince a customer to dive into any promo. Their initial reaction is just to usually ignore whatever you can offer because they have something else that’s more important to worry about.

But if you put an ad up through your social media accounts with these great giveaway ideas, then you’ll see your customers coming right at you without the need to convince them to buy.

Buy One, Get One

Of course, you can’t ignore the classic ‘buy one, get one’ promo.

One great product that can benefit from this promo are those selling goods (food, drinks, etc) that is best enjoyed with a friend. This does not only bring in customers to avail of the promo, but also a chance to influence and bring in new customers. You’ll never know when your loyal customer can bring in and convert someone to your side, right?

A Buy-One-Get-One promo can also be used to target mothers who wants great savings for any household, kitchen, or cooking items. Remember that a person who runs a busy household would want to not on keep on coming back to the grocery. They want to stack up. So look into this form of giveaways and you might have more customers lining up for you in the future.

Item Giveaways

These are the obvious giveaways. You can give out a relevant (or even something totally irrelevant) items and attach it to one product that you might want to sell out more than your other products.

Of course, make sure that the item you are giving away is also enticing that it would force them to buy that product instead of other brands. Because if the item doesn’t even look good enough even if it’s just given away for free, then people would not even consider buying it.

Bulk or Wholesale Discounts

If buy-one-get-one is not enough… then try to give out discounts for people who wants to buy in bulk or those who are buying wholesale.

Giving away this type of discount actually is more beneficial to you than it is on the buyer. You get the chance to earn more than normal because instead of buying just one item or two, the customer will be forced to buy more because it’s cheaper that way – or so they think.

Just make sure that if you mark down your price that it won’t be too low that you’ll be on the losing end.

Individual Discounts

Discounts for individual items never grows old. This is best for items that you think people would never really buy more than one. So bulk discounts or buy-one-get-one would never work for products like that.

If there’s really more supply than that of a demand, you can give as much as 50% discount! But if you want to sell out something that’s more popular and in demand but still want to give a good deal to your customers, a 10% discount would do.

The point is just to give out a good deal so that customers would want to buy an item that they don’t usually buy just because it’s on sale.

Free Product Samples

If there’s a product you want to introduce, giving out free product samples is the best freebies and giveaways you could go for.

You can design a smaller packaging for your product – sachet or even free taste – so you can easily give out something to customers without totally giving away the entire thing.

This is also good for reintroducing a product or introducing a new variant of an existing product.

On-Site Booth with Fun and Games

You know what would be fun? Letting your customers work hard for their freebies!

Probably you have seen these in supermarkets where brands create a stall or booth. Customers who purchase a certain item or amount would get a chance to play a little game (probably the easiest is to get a paper from a bowl or to spin a wheel) before they could get their corresponding freebie.

The key to making this an enticing activity to participate is the variation of your prizes and that even the lowest of the prizes could still be considered as a good freebie to get after all that fuss.


So you’re not selling any product but offers an array of services instead. That doesn’t mean you can’t give out some goodies for your loyal customers, right?

Here are a few ideas on how you can rewards loyalty with these perks for your services:

Promo Packages or Bundles of Your Services

This is probably one of the most common promotion that a service company could do. You can create bundles especially a combination of the most common service that your customers avail with the ones that barely gets noticed.

Just make sure that your package or bundle is something that makes sense. For example, if you’re a salon, you must bundle hair services together (i.e. haircut plus hair color) or nail services (mani and pedi) and not just a combination of anything. Of course, a person who gets a mani pedi might want a foot spa, too, but not a hot oil treatment, right?

So make sure it is a logical package or it would never sell.

Loyalty Rewards

Reward your customers loyalty with something that they can get in return of coming back to you almost all the time.

Your can give out a loyalty card that works as a bingo or scratch card. For every visit or service/s they avail, they are one step closer to a freebie or discount. Let’s say in 5 visits, they get a free item. In 10 visits, they get a 50% discount on any service they avail. And on the 15th, a free service!

That way, you can assure that one customer would keep on coming back for that reward. Plus, your loyal customers can bring in new ones for you when they see how well you reward loyalty.

Perks While They Wait

Now, maybe going for promos is not that much big on your line of business. That doesn’t mean that you can’t give out any freebie to your customers.

Think of some perks they can enjoy while they wait for their turn or for the service to be rendered. If WiFi is not that common in your town, then offer it. Are your customers big football or basketball fan? Put on the TV and tune in to their favorite sport. Offer some beverage or little candy treats for snacks.

Giving away something doesn’t always require something grand and big. As long as your intentions are right and you value your customers, anything you give for free is something that’s worth all the appreciation already.

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