Finally! Facebook Allows You To Filter Your Feed Using Keywords

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Don’t you just hate spoilers?
How about people who just keeps on talking and posting about things you don’t even care?
Or those posts that are just too hypocritical for you?
We get it. Sometimes, there are just posts that we don’t want to see. Take the first example for instance; let’s say The Avengers: Infinity War.
Those who had the advantage of seeing it first keeps on blabbing about the movie, sharing news, reviews, and other online commentaries, without even the decency to consider those who haven’t seen it. Don’t you just wish you can snooze it all for a day or two?
Well, Facebook’s now got you covered with their new feature that allows you to filter your news feed based on keywords you don’t want to see.


How It Works

Filtering posts in your news feed is quite simple. Just like how to snooze people or pages, you just have to tap the three dots at the upper right portion of a post. Simply, click snooze and choose to filter posts according to keywords. Then, choose the keywords from the post and add them to your list of filters.
However, you can only add nouns to the keywords, but it’s not much of a limitation in filtering posts anyway.
This feature is best when you want to do a social media detox. As mentioned earlier, Facebook can get too toxic at some point so you might want to mellow the toxicity around.
You can snooze spoilers, political news, something that’s too sensitive for you such us posts on health, gore, horror, and the likes.
Another good use for this, as we picked up from Digital Trend’s Hillary Grogonis, is filtering posts that might trigger memories of a recently departed loved one. She cited Father’s Day as an example. You can filter Father’s Day posts if it makes you miss your father too much.
Now, that’s 100% sensitivity on all your feelings!

Feature Limitations

Like all other features, there are limitations to Facebook’s new snooze addition. Similar to its previously launched Snooze feature, filtering certain keywords only lasts for 30 days. If you want to extend that, you would have to add them back.
The good news is (slightly good news, that is) is that Facebook is thinking of longer-term options. They are currently looking into the usability of the feature especially on how often people filter posts using keywords, and if they do add them back after 30 days. Once they see this working well for most people, they might consider filtering keywords for more than 30 days or even forever.
This feature is still limited to a few Facebook user. They’re planning to roll it out to most users as soon as they are ready.

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