Why Fashion Brands Are Investing On Instagram

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Fashion brands, like other business out there, are starting to invest on Instagram. Since the platform rolled out its advertising features (and even before without it), they saw it as an excellent opportunity to put their brand forward and engage with their target market more.
Instagram presents multiple opportunities and advantages when it comes to advertising and marketing a fashion brand more than any other social networking site. In fact, companies are investing on Instagram ads than on Facebook and Twitter.
But why are these brands investing more on Instagram? And we’re not only talking about money here. It also includes time and effort and a lot of creativity. Here are a few reasons why the fashion industry is considering IG as more than just a gimmick.

It’s a visual platform

Instagram is all about photos and videos – and that’s what they have in common with fashion.
Fashion is all about visual presentation. A single photo alone can speak volumes for a brand. So if you’re a fashion brand and a visual platform such as Instagram is handed to you, you take advantage of it.
The best thing about Instagram is it easily catches attention in a short span. Users just scroll through their feed, mostly photo at a time, and that’s instant attention and engagement.

Influence is key

It’s all about influence.
A fashion brand simply needs to determine in what way they can reach out to their target market.
Creating an event or official brand hashtags could be one idea. The hashtag #OOTD alone can reach millions of users.
But the best way to influence is to channel the brand’s marketing through an influencer. When you look for one for your Instagram campaign, you shouldn’t only consider the name and reputation of that person. Check out her Instagram account and see many followers she has.
That way, you already have a rough estimate on how many people you’ll be able to reach if your influencer posts any brand-related photo or video.  You don’t have to sweat it out that much. Your model-influencer would do it for you in just a few snaps.

Mobile-based means it’s handy

Speaking of events and influencers, another thing that a fashion brand should consider about using Instagram is the fact that it’s a mobile-based app.
Your phone can go where no photographers and other media could go. Invest some time to take backstage photos and short clips of your models or brand ambassadors in an event. Let people see the ‘inside’ of it, like inviting them for exclusive access.
Now, that’s engaging!

High ad costs can play an advantage

When talking about ad costs, people might turn their backs right away if they realize how high it costs. This might be an elitist idea, but Instagram’s high advertising rates play as an advantage for more prominent brands.
It’s easier to weed out the competition if you know that they don’t want to pay that much for ads.

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