Facebook is Testing a Resume Feature and What This Could Mean to You

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Long gone are the days that you have to personally walk in and submit job applications. For years, technology made sure that it would be convenient to both the applicant and the employer to find a perfect match. Job search websites came, then followed by social networking sites like LinkedIn which lets you create an online resume for recruiters to see.

Early this month, rumor has it that Facebook is going to the same direction as LinkedIn in trying to create a resume feature on their platform.

As to the specific details, Rocket Social only heard of a few since only a few specific people are currently on this test.

However, we’ll share whatever knowledge we have – and our two cents – on his this feature could mean to you and your Facebook profile.


Facebook Tests Resume Feature


The Next Web’s Matt Navarra was one of the people who got a sneak peek at this new feature. He revealed in a tweet some screenshots on what it would look like.

The feature plays around the Work History on your Facebook profile. However, this time, allows you to add more details about the job. These details cannot be viewed by the public but to recruiters only.

Facebook aims to boost its recruitment and job hunting arm making it enticing to applications and recruiters alike.

They also want to make job application easier for Facebook user. If Facebook would push through with this feature, creating a resume and enticing recruiters with your work history is just at the palm of your hands.

Would You Want This, Though?


Its goal is all noble. Helping the job market is definitely something that could help address unemployment.

However, is this something that you really want?

Our data is out there. Like anything else we put on our social media accounts, your job history is as accessible to those who can pay for some information. For sure, recruiters would pay Facebook an amount to access these data. Your data ends up as a product Facebook is selling to the market.

It would be great if Facebook could assure users that these will only be accessible to recruiters. But what if your work history background can also be accessed to advertisers?

You might have a greater chance at landing a job with this feature, but there’s also a great chance your Facebook info will end up as another market study data for ads coming soon on your news feed.

The Rest of Your Facebook Profile


Again, we can’t reiterate more how this feature is such a great idea. Imagine the lives that could change because they got a big break or the job they dreamed of.

As much as you’d like to ‘bare it all’ on your profile, you need to be cautious now on what you put out there. Any post or information might be used against you on this job matching process. Sure, your work history looks impeccable but your social media behavior might bring you down.

While it is totally unfair and unethical to base an applicant that way, but we can never prevent that from happening. Better safe than sorry.

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