Facebook Snooze: Good or Bad Idea?

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Last month, Facebook rolled out a snooze feature available to some users.
This feature would allow you to ‘snooze’ a specific person, pages, or group instead of unfollowing, unfriended, or completely unblocking them. This means that you can put them on ‘mute’ in a given timeframe; from 24 hours or up to 30 days.
Just by looking at the surface, this feature has a lot of advantages especially for those who want a more informative, insightful news feed.
However, this does not mean that it is immune to negative feedback from others. There might be some areas that people have qualms about.
This time, Rocket Social weighs in if the Facebook Snooze feature is a good or bad idea.

Facebook Snooze: A Good Idea to Clean Up the News Feed

The snooze is a good feature if you want to clean up your news feed.
Either we have that friend who obsessively posts every activity in a day or a page or group that just posts a lot of unrelated information. We have that.
The snooze feature can help filter out unwanted and unnecessary posts and just read that you need and want to read. Read those from close family and relatives, or on pages with news and information that you would need every day.
To use the feature, click on the three dots and you’ll see ‘Unfollow or Snooze’. Then you’ll see a drop-down and see the options on how long you want to put a person, page, or group into snooze. When the snooze ends, you get to see or read their posts again.

Facebook Snooze: May Not Be A Totally Good Idea

While the feature lets you set it at a given time, the tendency is you forget about it.
The whole point of adding people as friends, liking pages, and joining groups is because it’s your choice. Along the way, we might think it’s not a good idea so we try to get rid of them.
So maybe, they can be too ‘noisy’ and annoying on Facebook and put them on a 30-day snooze. But what if in that span, a big announcement came up.
That friend might be needing help (like blood donations, etc.). A Facebook page might have public service announcements that you missed out. Or maybe the group shared an important file that you would soon need.
Snooze is good as a temporary filter to sift through that noise. However, if we prolong that snooze, the things we miss out might just save our life – or others.

The Weigh In

It’s a good feature, really. Despite the bad, it was meant to do every Facebook user a favor.
It would all boil down to the user’s responsibility and decision making.
To snooze out people, pages or groups is a personal matter and choice. And as long as you make the good one, this feature will be a life-saver in a crowded social media world.
However, after a month that this was rolled out, we heard no word or any follow-up from Facebook’s HQ about the Snooze feature. Maybe it’s not too late to create improvements to take this feature to further good use.
Once this will be on full launch and be available to all, we bet that this is one Facebook feature people will be thankful for.

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