Every Instagram Update You Need to Know

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Instagram has been rolling out new features lately (and will still be in the near feature). It’s making the app more exciting to use with lots of room for creativity.

Here are a few features to watch out for. Some might just be rumors yet, but they sure stir up excitement.

Video Chats

Reports has been out of IG’s new video chat feature in the near future.

One can simply access and use this feature through the Direct Message menu. Just like known messengers like Facebook, you can start a video chat with a friend or many others in just one tap.

The feature is also said to minimize when you want to continue browsing while video chatting.

Now, that’s a great feature to simultaneously talk about the latest Instagram posts with friends!

Live Reactions

What you can only do in Facebook, you can soon do with Instagram.

Just like Facebook, viewers can now directly react to your Instagram Live with the live reactions. You just have to tap the emoji that suits your reaction or feelings towards the live feed.

Yes, it’s pretty much just like Facebook.

Emoji Slider

This is one cool feature that you can use on your Stories. The emoji slider allows your followers to react to your post and slide it to a certain level or range. It’s just like rating your post from lowest to highest.

To place an emoji slider, just tap on the stickers button when doing your Instagram Story. You can pick which emoji to use. Then, like any other sticker, place it strategically in your post. You can view responses right in your Stories.

You can use a slider to somehow poll your followers. Whether it’s your OOTD, an imagery design, or just the food you’re currently eating. Let them share their thoughts through the emoji slider.

Slow Motion Recording

After the Boomerang, Rewind, and Hyperlapse, it’s time for some slow motion effect on Instagram.

With people going crazy over the current camera effects, people would surely love to try slow motion for their Instagram posts. And, finally, no need for other apps to go slow-mo.


We all follow that one person. Maybe it was out of respect that we follow them, or maybe they weren’t as “noisy” in social media as they are now. But we all know the solution to those accounts we follow who overshare – unfollow.

Not anymore.

Instagram will soon make it possible for us to mute certain accounts for those who post quite too often and are flooding the feed.

With everyone making it an issue of someone unfollowing someone else, this mute feature is the best solution!

Music Sharing

This is something really interesting and sounds totally fun. Rumors has it that Instagram is working on a code to enable users to add music to their Stories.

It is said that the social media giant will release a music sticker where users can search and add music to their stories; more like creating a music video clip for themselves.

This is a total game-changer especially those who wants to add creativity to their social media marketing efforts.

Calendar of Instagram Stories

Well, if you want to keep track of what you’ve been posting on your IG Stories, it’s now easier to also track WHEN you posted them.

Instagram will soon feature a calendar view of your IG Stories. No need to keep scrolling to track when you posted them. You have them all marked up in a monthly calendar.

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