Deliciously Instagramable: Tips for Food Blogging Beginners

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Instagram has been the place for good photos online. It can become an online gallery of a brand’s product – be it food, clothing, or even travel.
Bloggers, on the other hand, would love to brand themselves as an authority on their niche. They’re not only selling a product, they’re also selling themselves.
Being a food blogger would mean you have to take the best photos of the food you ate. It should look as delectable and sumptuous as it is when you ate it.
Getting the best photos for your food blog and Instagram account can be a bit tricky for those who are still starting. So we at would like to give some tips on how to take IG-worthy photos for your food blog.


Have an online identity


Put yourself in the photo. Literally.


First, create your online identity.
Know what your voice should be. Have a style. Learn to personalize and be a bit different from the rest of the food bloggers around the world.
You can do so in how to take your photos, your captions, or even have a certain course or cuisine to start with.
The importance of having your online identity is that people would know you. They’ll feel like you are human and not just some bot or that your account and blog isn’t run by somebody else.
Another way to show your style and personality on your posts is to be in it literally. Show and share a part of you. Like the photo above, you can show your hands with your favorite book while you’re enjoying great food.
Invite your readers and followers not only to try the food or even follow you. Be more open to them and invite them in your life.

Light and colors

Find the light. Play with colors.
Good lighting always brings a photo into life.
When taking photos of your food, know where the light is. Position yourself in such a way that you’ll have adequate lighting while adding drama and contrast to it.
Play with your food’s color. If there’s not much color in it, add some! You can always add a garnish or two just to put more life in your photo.

Background and props


A neat background and some props would do the trick.


If adding garnishes just won’t work, try adding some props instead.
A chocolate cake is always brown, and adding a bit of color on the cake itself might just not work. You can always play around with a bright background or add some props.
Don’t limit your props to only food-related items. Grab a book, your phone, or even some sunglasses. Play with all possible props that would work well with your food and photo.
Just make sure to not overcrowd your photo with props especially those that might overpower the image of the food itself.

Vary angles


Top isn't the only way to go.


When people started to do something bold as taking photos from the top view, everybody started doing it. It came to the point that almost all photos were taken from that POV that it started to become ordinary than bold.
Sure it looks better that way, but never forget to vary your angles.
Also, not all food looks good from the top. Know which angle of your food would look mouth-watering.
Take a burrito as an example. If you take a photo of it from the top view, you’ll have nothing but a wrap. But if you do away with the top POV shot and go to the side where all the burrito goodness is, then you’ll have texture and color added to your photo!


These are just a few starter tips for all of you food bloggers out there. Try and experiment on these. And once you already get used to these stuffs, you’re ready to take on a bigger world of blogging!


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