Day of Encouragement: How to Fuel Your Team to Success

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day of encouragement

We once talked about Employee Advocacy and how it can help with your marketing efforts. One of the key points in there was keeping your employees happy to make them believable advocates of your brand and products. This Day of Encouragement, we share some points on why encouragement can spark that. We’ll also discuss you can do it in your office.

Day of Encouragement: Why Encouraging Your Officemates is Important

We always think that marketing and sales are all about the numbers we put up. Only a few owners and managers realize that there are equally important intangibles.

Encouragement within your team and in the office is important. A small act can nudge and create a positive domino effect, and that will show on your numbers.

But why waste your time on these things? We tell you why below:

You Don’t Know What Each One is Going Through

Be kind. That’s always the basic rule in life in general. The same goes in your office.

Learning how to be kind to your teammates can be challenging. There are a lot of factors that might let you do otherwise – an erring staff, differences with one of your members, them making mistakes… so many. But you never know what each one is going through.

Simply being kind to each member of your team can already do so much for them. This can help boost their confidence and morale. It won’t be bad if you ask what’s bothering them or if you could offer any help. It would definitely mean a lot to them if they would know that their leader is concerned of their well-being. That positivity alone is already a huge encouragement to push forward and give their best.

Let Them Learn From Mistakes

Let them learn from the mistakes they make no matter how costly they may be. Sure, there are consequences to it and there’s nothing wrong with making them aware of that. But remember about the first item – you don’t have the slightest idea of what they’re going through. So at least hear them out and let them know what went wrong. Also, help them correct their mistakes by suggesting what they could do the next time it happens. And if their mistakes qualify for sanctions, then hand it to them consolingly.

Many leaders believe that if they don’t come out as strong, strict, and stern, their members might not listen to them the next time and won’t take mistakes seriously. There’s nothing wrong with that but know that they is a kinder way to do it. While you might be concern of your leadership type may be too soft, but hearing someone out can have positive effects towards your team.

Listening and doing something about it can highly encourage your members to work harder in order to not make the same mistakes again.

There’ll Always Be Bumps Along The Way

We always strive for perfection. Who doesn’t, right? Maybe you were trying to plan out everything to makes sure everything would go smoothly. However, a great manager knows that there’ll always be bumps along the way. Risks as we call it.

Anticipate for these bumps in every step even if it’s as simple as someone calling in sick. We sure don’t want these things to happen as it may hamper our timeline… but what if they will? Make sure that you adjust every deliverable and have Plans B, C, D, and so on for worst case scenarios.

With that in mind, help your entire team understand this, too. It doesn’t mean that they have to abuse that fact that you’ve given enough adjustments for mistakes and failures. But letting them know that you have actually considered this can encourage them to do better with less mistakes so you can deliver things on time or earlier. Reward them for it if possible.

If you really want things to be perfect, then come prepared. Even if it means accepting the fact that there will really be bumps along the way.

Got Momentum? Fire Them Up and Keep Them Going!

If everything goes alright, then keep going.

One of the best way to encourage the entire team is to keep the momentum going. You can take a celebratory pause and reward all your hardwork with some chill time. But never forget that there’s more work ahead or that new opportunities will come. So keep it burning. Push them with the same amount of energy, of positivity, and of encouragement.

At times when it seems to be repetitive, try to do something differently but make sure to make it interesting and keep the entire team still pumped up. You’ll see how you’ll steer the entire team to the right direction.

How to Encourage Someone This Day of Encouragement (and every single day in the office)

Now we’re done with the ‘why’, let’s go to the ‘how’.

Sometimes, what’s supposed to be simple would seem complicated in the long run. Same goes with encouragement.

Pushing someone up when you’re also down is not an easy task. You have first to believe it in yourself so you can resonate it to others. Then, you move to doing something small to something grand for them so they, too, can push themselves and the entire team upwards.

These are just a few suggestions that you can do to fire your team up.

Inspirational Quotes

This is the simplest thing you can do for your team. You can print out and frame an inspirational quote that can help pump your team up. Place it where everyone can look at it or even just glance at it especially at desperate times during their work day. You just don’t know how much the power of words could do to fire up someone’s spirit.

Daily Huddle

We see huddles in most team sports. It’s when everyone is gathered together for the game plan and, at the end, go shout for that team cheer and chant. You can follow this by having a daily huddle for your team before your day starts. Hear everyone out and map out you game plan for the day. And in the end, assign a member each day to share something inspiring and end it with a team cheer. Simply saying ‘let’s go!’ can sure pump up their day.

Group Chats and Team Help

Use technology to reach out to everyone.  Whether you’re all seated in your office cubicles or are often on the go, keep yourselves available for support especially during office hours. Keep yourselves sane and be the each other’s go-to person. It doesn’t entirely need to be purely about work. You can even ask about trivial stuff! Or you could drop some memes or other jokes just to shake the seriousness off. This might take a perfect timing, though. But it will be worth the shot.

Take a Break

We all have those breaks in the office. Have the entire team over for coffee break. Play a few games, sing some tunes, or just share stories on your break time. You would come back to your work with a renewed energy. You can also go out for team lunches or dinners, or go for a quick getaway over the weekend. That way, you can all destress and then come back in the office revitalized and reenergized.

Little Gifts and Handwritten Notes

You know what could also boost their morale? When they know they’re appreciated. Appreciation is one way to also encourage someone because when their efforts are properly recognized, it can fuel them on. Think of little gifts to give the team. A cookie for everyone plus a handwritten notes, perhaps? Whatever it is, no matter how small it may seem, if the intention and gesture is right, it would mean so much to your members.

Cheer On For Each Achievement

Some sales team do this for every sales point made. They announce who made a sales point and they clap as celebration. Little gestures like this can surely encourage someone in the team. If you’re not in sales and earning an achievement may take long, then celebrate bigger and louder. Make sure to recognize talent and achievement in the team instead on putting a lot of weight on mistakes and losses.

Reward Them for the Big Goal

Every team has a bigger, greater goal in the end. Be it to reach a certain sales point, or hold a really important event with partners. Whatever you end goal may be, reward everyone’s hard work. Give them a prize to create a healthy competition inside and see them work hard for that top prize. Or you can give them a reward with something bigger… like a team outing or vacation. You can place a condition that they should reach the goal in order to get that huge reward. They would surely strive hard for that because, who doesn’t want to, right?

Encouraging your team sparks teamwork and hardwork. It can pay dividends for you and the company. Most of all, it would create a bond between you and your team that no setback could break. Remember that more than any goal, what’s important is how you worked on it as a team.

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