Dating Apps, Finding Romance, & Standards

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Finding romance is getting trickier the past days. Balancing work and your social life – plus, personal life – is more of a struggling juggle.


There’s just little room to meet new people, get acquainted, and go on dates. It for some, it can be a pressing problem especially when it hits self-confidence and self-esteem to rock bottom.

That has since changed since the birth of online dating; now, even made more convenient with dating apps.

But does it work? Can you really find your other half? The perfect match? The ultimate romance?

Finding Romance through Dating Apps

Welcome to the age when online dating is no longer a taboo in the society. It has become a norm and a cure for those who have difficulty with finding and going on dates.

Many users have testified and proven that they can have ‘love at first swipe’.

For some, it may not have worked on the first swipe. It could be a beautifully crafted bio (or a witty one) that lead straight to the heart.

It could also be the endless jokes or heartfelt conversations in the chatbox.

But for most of the perfectly matched couples online, it was when they took the courage to meet and go on a date and interact beyond the app.

Romance has no ‘Magic Formula’

According to a study at the University of Utah, there’s never a ‘magic formula’ for romance online. While dating apps can apply different algorithms to find a perfect match, it doesn’t mean it would convert to romance.

The study shows that while online dating can match your interest with another person, it would take more than that to spark romance. It showed a little indication that two strangers can start romance before they have ever met.

Further, the study recognizes the need for two people to meet and personally interact for a possibility of romance.

Despite many success stories on how online dating has brought couples together, it’s not indication enough of the success of online dating apps in totality.

Society’s Standards Up Front

Looking at the dating apps we have in the market right now, there’s a prevailing theme in it: society’s standards.

We could imagine those people who have low self-esteem and self-confidence would resort to online dating. But if you find how people set up their profiles and put up with society’s standards is no different from the discrimination in the real world.

Profile pictures of perfect selfies. Bios that may be half true. The possibility of ‘faking’ a life is endless. Because the biggest factor here is still trying to live up to society’s standards.

We swipe left if we don’t like the person. You can always take a look at the bio to see more than what the surface offers. But who are we kidding? The person’s photo is your initial basis.

Maybe, to really succeed in online dating, apps should try to make it a ‘blind’ date. Present the bio first before revealing the photo. Maybe in doing this, prejudice wouldn’t be played upfront and we can finally break society’s standards of beauty, attraction, dating, and romance.


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