How to Create a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

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Much has been said about video marketing being a ‘big thing’ this 2018. We shouldn’t be surprised if more companies invest their online marketing efforts in creating videos and putting them up in their respective social media accounts and YouTube channels.

So don’t get yourselves behind with this online marketing trend. Jump in and see how videos can convert sales for your products and services.

Not sure how? Here are a few tips we can throw in the hat for you to start with:

Story > Sale


The goal of marketing may be about converting marketing efforts to sales but this shouldn’t be the sole focus of your video.

Audiences nowadays are not after the sales pitch; they know what you’re going to say already. Nowadays, they’re looking for a story they could relate to.

Think about these points: how can your product create an impact on your audience’s life? How can it improve their living?

Look into your value and create a video content out of that. If it’s something your audience can relate to, then it’s good marketing.

Don’t just be creative; Be FUN, too!


People will always tell you to ‘be creative’. Of course, you are and you should be. You’re in the online marketing department and that’s expected of you.

But there’s one thing you should never neglect or doubt doing and that is to be FUN!

Creating marketing materials is no joke – we get it – but it doesn’t mean that your video should always sound too professional (and boring).

Mix it up from time to time by creating or producing a video that is fun and enjoyable to watch. If applicable, you can do how-to or tutorial videos so you can add both creativity and entertainment factors to it.

That way, your video would be inviting and wouldn’t look too stiff.

Capture your audience with your introduction.


The first five to ten seconds of your video is very important. You should craft it in a way that it would capture your audience’s attention and let them stick to watching your video until the very end.

So how do you do that?

The perfect background music is one; an anecdote or quote that they could relate to is another. Or you could start right away with a bang!

And when you do create a certain introduction – be it dramatic or energetic – make sure to increase the level of its intensity throughout the video. Don’t give an impressive intro and just plateau right there until the end.

Optimization is still part of video marketing.


Like any online marketing strategy, videos still need to be optimized.

You can always add meta tags, descriptions, and hashtags. You can also add links to your videos especially when you have a call-to-action in the end.

Plus, if you’re publishing it on YouTube or Vimeo, make sure to post it on your social media accounts and have them optimized for mobile viewing as well.

Make it worth the while.


Whatever content you create in your video, make sure it’s worth your audience’s while. Create a message where they can pick something from.

The bottom line of your online video marketing should be to make it not a waste of time when people view it Make it something worth sharing to others so you don’t only get to affect more lives, you’ll be able to target broader markets as well.

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