Crafting a Social Media Campaign for Generation Z

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Who are the ‘Generation Z’ and why should any brand be concerned about marketing to this specific audience?

The Generation Z-ers are those born in the 90’s up to the early 2000’s. They are today’s young ones – teenagers to young adults.

Unlike the generation before them, the Generation Z are more into the digital stuff. They were born into the world where technology was already vastly improved. Today, they are the market of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Crafting a social media marketing campaign for them is not as easy as your usual bread-and-butter, run-off-the-mill strategies. This generation is more particular with the brands they choose, the personalities they follow, and the campaigns that catch their attention.

So how do you craft a campaign at a generation that’s too critical?

Study Your Audience

Studying your audience is always an important rule in marketing – no matter which audience it may be. For the case of Generation Z, it’s important to know which social media platform they prefer. And we all know it’s Instagram or Twitter.

This is a generation that’s not fond of fluff so make sure your content is straight to the point and not too hard-sell. Also, it’s important to study their language and other colloquial terms they use in their posts and even day-to-day conversations.

Authentic and Personal

Generation Z would want to see a campaign that is both personal and authentic.

Personal in a sense that they want it to be targeted straight to them and what they like; what matters to them. Authenticity is also a huge deal with this audience. They’d rather see an ad that is raw and real than something that’s too scripted; that looks like your brand is just going to rob their money and not giving them a product that’s worth every penny.

Relatable Influencer

While brands usually bring in the big guns to represent them, Generation Z love to see a relatable influencer.

Recent campaigns show different personalities – not celebrities – who are as ordinary as the target audience. They would believe a brand more if they tap into influencers who are real to themselves, and who is credible enough to represent the brand.

Also, they prefer a brand that would relate to their pain points and not just merely present them with product features that don’t even matter much to them.

Interactive and User-Generated Content

Remember that this Generation Z was born into a world of technology. Thus, they would expect a campaign that would not only show how a brand knows this technology, but most importantly to those brands who would allow them to participate and use technology.

Create a campaign that would involve them even if it means getting your entire ad content from them. Don’t be afraid to ask them about ideas. Ask about the best hashtag for your campaign, or let them vote on a new logo and give them something in exchange.

While some might be in it for the prize, but most of them would just want to showcase their talent and have their content featured. Bragging rights is what they call it.

Ideologies and Social Responsibility

This is one thing that’s very important to Generation Z that sets them apart from past generations. These teens today are more aware of the social issues around them. Know what matters to them and make sure it would matter a huge deal in your campaign as well.

They are looking more into gender, racial, and class equality. They are also very particular about the environment. In creating your campaigns, make sure you are being politically correct as they are very keen and sensitive with social issues.

You have to consider this in choosing an influencer, too. Your brand ambassadors must also uphold the ideologies that these Generation Z are fighting for. One wrong move and you might see your brand spiraling down the drain and losing a huge following.

Reception to Their Feedback

Lastly, since generation is very particular, you’ll definitely be hearing a lot of feedback from them.

Be it a positive or negative one, always make sure to acknowledge these feedback, take them into consideration, and do some adjustments. If they have a feedback regarding your product, react and do something about it. If they’re concerned with the environment, check your packaging, practices, and processes.

If they have a feedback regarding your campaign, do the same adjustments. With them, it’s a constant learning process. It may seem like you always have critical eyes on you, but be thankful because you have a lot to learn from this Generation Z.

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