Getting an influencer to represent your brand has been an important thing for most brands lately. This is called Influencer Marketing.

This is the type of marketing which taps people called an influencer – celebrity or not. This influencer would then post about your product or service depending on your terms and conditions as to how they post about it and how often.

Basically, it’s a cheaper but more efficient way of getting someone to endorse your brand.

But looking for an influencer could be tricky. Of course, one would like to go for people who are famous and has a huge social media following, but it could cost you a lot. Plus, it isn’t the only qualification.

Here are a few points you want to consider before getting an influencer (or two) for your brand.

Relevance to Your Audience and Brand

Like any part of your online marketing strategy, it’s important to know your audience. Then, you can search for possible influencers to represent your brand.

Look for someone who your audience could relate to and someone they could trust. Aside from relevance to your audience, make sure that your chosen influencer can represent your brand well. Someone who you can see using your products or avail your services.

Relevance is important because you would want to be believable. Getting a person who isn’t relevant would only make your brand look like wanting a popularity contest. It’s like getting famous celebrities for artisan or local brands who people would think won’t even get inside their store.

Consistency and Authenticity

So you probably now have a prospect in mind. What’s next?

Check through their social media posts. Check how often they post, how consistent their composition is, and how real their posts seem.

You would want an influencer who posts consistently – not just frequently. Consistency means their posts sound as natural as possible, and they sound that way throughout the campaign. Also, you can check their photos and how they usually take them. Look at the lighting, angling, and the likes. In short, it’s important to find someone who is also (at least) knowledgeable about photography.

Another point to look into is the authenticity of their posts. If they posted a food or drink from a restaurant, does it look like something they would really eat or drink? How authentic their posts are on other brands could reflect on how authentic they can represent your products and services, too.

Reach and Engagement

Now that we’re done with the physical aspects of their social media presence, it’s time to look into their statistics.

If it’s possible, ask them about their social media account’s reach and engagement. If not, you can use online tools to check on how much reach and engagement his accounts and posts have in a span of a month or even an entire quarter.

This might be the nitty-gritty of things since this involved numbers, but you have to admit that getting an influencer would not solely rely on how good their posts are. If they’re not converting, then it’s most likely they’re not working as a brand ambassador.

So no matter how you like one influencer for your brand, if they don’t bring in the goods, they’re no good.

Compatible Values

This is something one could easily miss out on choosing an influencer maybe because it’s not as relevant in marketing. But know that this is also very important.

It’s really a plus when you get someone who shares the same values as you. Be it values in consumer and customer relations, or life in general. It’s even better if you stand on the same ground with social and political issues.

Why is this important?

There would always be a time that they would speak out about something; whether they meant it or by merely an accident. Imagine an influencer who posts a personal tweet that gives a slight impression of homophobia and it’s something you’re totally against. This could backfire and reflect on your brand and it’s difficult to recover from it.

With someone who shares the same values as yours, you would at least be at peace that they wouldn’t accidentally ruin your partnership in the future.

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