Social Media Updates: September Round-up

It's been a busy month for tech as many innovations and updates were released for the past few weeks. Social media joined that scene, too. September was full of exciting changes for almost every social media platform there is. Here

Want to be a Twitter Beta Tester?

In a world that constantly checks what's in and what's not, we love to be on the edge. We'd like to dive into what's new right away; be the first. So when we heard about becoming a Twitter beta tester,

Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking
Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking

You open your Twitter and scroll through the tweets. Boring... boring... bo-... oh! Something interesting and worth the read!   But you don't have much time to read it now. How about reading it later? Impossible.   Is this scene

edit feature on twitter
Why Don’t We Still Have An Edit Feature, Twitter?

  Avid Twitter users get it. We need an edit feature.   For the many times you committed a grammar or typographical error, you could only scratch your head and hope you can see that 'Edit' button somewhere someday.