In a world that constantly checks what’s in and what’s not, we love to be on the edge. We’d like to dive into what’s new right away; be the first. So when we heard about becoming a Twitter beta tester, we thought: are they really considering this?

It would be a great opportunity to get the glimpse of what’s to come for Twitter, don’t you think? Well, that is now very much possible.

Twitter is opening their doors to people who can help them do beta tests with their future features. They want to know how it would fair to people who often uses Twitter, as much as they want (as experts) to test it themselves.

This sounds like a really good opportunity. It doesn’t only give you the glimpse of what is to come, but you could speak in behalf of the entire Twitterverse.

So how can you be one?

Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking

You open your Twitter and scroll through the tweets. Boring… boring… bo-… oh! Something interesting and worth the read!
But you don’t have much time to read it now. How about reading it later? Impossible.
Is this scene familiar to you? Do you also scroll through hundreds of tweets at the end (or beginning) of the day, see something worthwhile yet have no time to read it?
Annoying, isn’t it?
But a great news has been flying around Twitterverse lately that’s going to solve this problem through a soon-to-be-launched ‘Save for Later’ feature.

edit feature on twitter


Avid Twitter users get it. We need an edit feature.
For the many times you committed a grammar or typographical error, you could only scratch your head and hope you can see that ‘Edit’ button somewhere someday.
We resort to doing either deleting the tweet and type it again, with all hopes that we get everything right the second time. Or probably reply to your tweet with an asterisk which connotes an erratum.
Nonetheless, both are just as exhausting and tiring and, at some point, useless.
Why can’t Twitter have an edit feature ?