Social Media Updates: September Round-up

Been out of the radar lately? This week, we’re doing a round-up of this month’s social media updates. Get to know the latest news and updates about them here!

Pinterest Now in Hootsuite

You won’t have to worry about schedule your posts in Pinterest anymore. You can now do so in Hootsuite!

Facebook’s Security Breach and What It Could Mean to Users

  The past week must have been a busy week in the Facebook HQ. After all, any news on data and privacy breach on the biggest social media platform is a huge blow. With billions of users and their respective data, a single entity to get hold of it is like enjoying an all-you-can-eat-buffet for […]

Social Media and Government Regulation (Part 1)

  In the age when social media are at its peak, it has reached the point where people start to question: does this need government regulation?   Let’s admit it. Social media has become a powerful force in shaping and molding the society.   Recent studies have focused on it and tried to uncover the […]

Meet Vero!

get more instagram followers

Vero has increased its popularity the past days and people got curious what this new social platform has to offer.

It’s More Fun with Boomerang

use boomerang on instagram

  Instagram’s Boomerang was one of the biggest trends in social media marketing last year. SM experts and gurus have predicted that it would still be one of the trends this year.   With the rise of video marketing’s popularity, Boomerang rides in on that category; since it’s not totally a video – and not […]

Dating Apps, Finding Romance, & Standards

  Finding romance is getting trickier the past days. Balancing work and your social life – plus, personal life – is more of a struggling juggle.   There’s just little room to meet new people, get acquainted, and go on dates. It for some, it can be a pressing problem especially when it hits self-confidence […]

Social Media for Social Change

social media for social change

With all the awareness and causes raised on social media, can we really spark and influence social change among social media users?

5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel

5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel

Going on travel is probably one of the most exciting things you look forward to.   It’s that one activity that takes your mind off things and lets you have a well-deserved rest.