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New Snapchat Filters

The new Snapchat filters are taking social media by store. | Image credit: Liz Sommer of

Ever noticed your news feed and stories lately? People are going crazy with the new Snapchat filters that’s taking social media by storm.

We’ve always known Snapchat to dish out cool and funny camera filters but this batch is one for the books.

People all over the globe – from celebrities to parents (who use the filters on their babies) – have used these filters to either poke fun at themselves or others, or to see and compare their faces with their siblings, friends, or significant other. Because the new filters are very much relatable to everyone.

Here are the few Snapchat filters that people are enjoying lately.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Influencer marketing has been a buzz word long before 2018, but it was in that year that most companies started investing in them.

Different industries may choose different personalities as influencers. They may also have different campaign plans or techniques. But in the end, they all have the same goal and that is using an influencer to reach out to their target market more effectively.

But online marketers never had an easy job with influencer marketing mainly because they don’t know what their target audience likes. Especially if you want to tap into Generation Z.

Let’s try to get to know more about this generation, what they look for in an influencer, and how your company can tailor out your influencer marketing strategy for them.

Social media is crowded with information. Know what and what not to post.

In this time and age of social media, we are overwhelmed with information. We browse through our timelines and see lots of different posts. From news to memes, to status updates and photos of our friends. Indeed, it is crowded out there.

There are times that we feel that social media is becoming to be very toxic. Each post of each network of friends that you have seems to have the same undertones, blurred meanings, and what-not. Worse, we have friends who shares just about anything on our timelines including fake news.

Let us then be one less problem in the online world. It doesn’t mean that we have ‘free speech’ that we should always practice it online. The mere excuse of ‘this is my account so I can say anything I want here’ is just petty and pathetic.

Right now, what we need in the online world – especially in social media – is some responsibility, accountability, and critical thinking. Gone are the days that we can make endless excuses about what we post online. But this doesn’t mean that we are setting up ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ to restrict you.

Here are some guidelines on what not to post in your social media accounts to keep yourself (and others) safe, well-informed, and sensitive to the goings-on in the and out of the online world.

The world of business marketing and advertising have continually evolved for the past years and the news is… there’s no sign of it stopping.

We have seen how the entry of the internet changed the different approaches and strategies of marketing and advertising businesses. From traditional press releases or content generation for traditional media platforms, we have seen how the internet gave the chance for business owners to reach out directly through their clients.

Through social media, a layer or two of the advertising processes can be taken out of the situation. To illustrate this point, see illustration below:

Before: Business -> Advertising Agency -> Traditional Media Platform -> Audiences

Now: Business -> (Advertising Agency) -> Social Media Accounts -> Audiences  

Before, businesses used to tap the help of advertising agencies to create content for a certain media platform before it gets released to the public. For example, they would tap agencies to for the creation of a TV Commercial before it gets distributed to television stations. Therefore, you have to go through two third-party entities before you can reach your audiences.

But today, businesses can choose or choose not to work with advertising agencies in content creation. There is also no need for them to go through another third-party media platform because they can directly upload it in their own online platforms.

However, with the fast-evolving changes in the digital marketing landscape, it is difficult to take advertising agencies out of the equation. The digital developments this year might become obsolete a few years after so you need to be flexible and fast enough to adapt to these changes. If you are slow to cope with these changes, then you’ll surely be left behind.

This 2019, there will be new sets of digital trends that will revolutionize the field of advertising – again.

And the news is… there’s no sign of it stopping.

In this post, we will talk about the upcoming digital trends in 2019. This will help you set your expectations and adjust your marketing plan to keep up with the projected changes.

With more than 500 million active accounts worldwide and 80% of these accounts following a business profile, Instagram is surely a viable platform to advertise your business.

Just like other social media platforms, you need to exert effort in increasing your organic followers in order to convert them into sales.

Promoting your business in Instagram is more than just numbers. Yes, we want to brag about the high number of followers our account has but if these followers aren’t real ones then it will lose its purpose.

In an ever-changing landscape of business advertising where the internet now becomes the main platform of advertising, it is but necessary to know about the different ways to genuinely increase your Instagram following.

In this post, we will be giving you some tips on how to increase your IG followers.

Who are the ‘Generation Z’ and why should any brand be concerned about marketing to this specific audience?

The Generation Z-ers are those born in the 90’s up to the early 2000’s. They are today’s young ones – teenagers to young adults.

Unlike the generation before them, the Generation Z are more into the digital stuff. They were born into the world where technology was already vastly improved. Today, they are the market of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Crafting a social media marketing campaign for them is not as easy as your usual bread-and-butter, run-off-the-mill strategies. This generation is more particular with the brands they choose, the personalities they follow, and the campaigns that catch their attention.

So how do you craft a campaign at a generation that’s too critical?

It is the new year! And with the new year comes new trends in online marketing.

Most online marketing websites would suggest optimizing your social media accounts. And why not? Every platform is now a big thing in online marketing.

Instagram has grown and has become one of the most influential platforms to many users especially to generations X and Z.

Facebook is still in since most mobile users are on Facebook.

While Twitter has set a decline, LinkedIn is skyrocketing lately.

With this info in mind, what should you do for your online marketing efforts this 2018? Brace yourself for the new year and map out your social media marketing plan with these tips in mind.