Pinterest Now in Hootsuite

  Maintaining multiple social media accounts is never easy. That's why most online marketing specialists who handle their social media arm uses management apps to deal with their social media presence.   Hootsuite is one of the most reliable social

Every Instagram Update You Need to Know

Instagram has been rolling out new features lately (and will still be in the near feature). It's making the app more exciting to use with lots of room for creativity. Here are a few features to watch out for. Some

instagram to get more sales
How Social Media Can Increase Your Store Sales

  In this digital age, businesses now engage with their customers online. You could barely find a business that is not online or in social media, especially those who have online shops.   Maybe you're doubting if you'll dive into

use social media for company
What Companies Are Still Doing Wrong with Their Social Media Marketing

  Just a month to go and we'll be halfway through the year.   If we talk about social media and online marketing, the past months were a blast. There were a lot of improvements and new features that really

from instagram to table
From Instagram to Table

Here's a familiar scenario:   You open your Instagram account, scroll up your entire feed, and... BOOM! An Instagram post of your favorite restaurant promotion their best-seller or new offering. Yummy, right? Then, you find yourself wanting it more than

customer service advice
Give the Best Chat Support to Your Customers

  People want to reach out and get support the easiest and fastest way possible. Of course, if the customer is your top priority, you also need to give the best possible channel for support.   Most companies would often

instagram idea
5 Instagram Live Ideas for Your Company’s Products and Services

On our previous post, we talked about how to conduct an Instagram Live. Now, we'll discuss five (5) ways on how you can present your IG Live depending on what your current needs, goal, and target should be. See if

Instagram Live Feed
A Quick Guide on How to Conduct an Instagram Live Feed

We've talked about Instagram Stories before, it's time to put your social media presence to a higher level.   One of the social media features that you should try to maximize your business is Instagram Live.   Instagram Live was

get more followers giveaway
Giving Away Discounts? It Might Not Be the Best Strategy Anymore

  Some businesses think twice about giving discounts. Nobody's really sure where the boundary lies between discounting items to earn sales or losing profit.   There is something enticing about discounts, especially to consumers. Of course, who wouldn't love a

facebook messenger option
Facebook is Looking Into an ‘Unsend’ Option for Messenger

  The word's out. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has indeed deleted some of his messages sent to recipients on Messenger. While this is not possible for others, it is for Zuckerberg. Guess being CEO has a lot of perks, right?

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Best Instagram Filters for Spring Season

  Spring is here! And it's one of the best season to take beautiful, colorful photos that would fit best in your Instagram feed. Especially those spring break selfies! Yey!   If you have an astounding IG reputation for good

Enjoy the egg hunt, bunnies!
Happy Easter! Here are some Easter Fun Facts and More!

  Bunnies. Eggs. Candies. You know it! It's that time of the year again!   Let's take a break from all the social media posts. Instead, let us give you these fun Easter Facts and a few activities you might

Facebook’s Security Breach and What It Could Mean to Users

  The past week must have been a busy week in the Facebook HQ. After all, any news on data and privacy breach on the biggest social media platform is a huge blow. With billions of users and their respective

Social Media and Government Regulation (Part 2)

  Last week, we discussed some reasons to consider for social media government regulation. Now, let's see how it could affect the freedom and rights of the people.   (more…)

Social Media and Government Regulation (Part 1)

  In the age when social media are at its peak, it has reached the point where people start to question: does this need government regulation?   Let's admit it. Social media has become a powerful force in shaping and

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Meet Vero!

  A new social media platform is making waves recently - and it's come to be in close competition with Facebook and Instagram. Meet Vero! The new "true" social media networking app that "does not want to make the same

facebook likes
A Thumbs Down on Facebook’s Test on Downvoting Comments

Facebook has always kept their environment as healthy and positive as possible. While this may not be mostly in their control, they do everything they have in their power to maintain that within their platform.   For example, when people

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Beating the New Facebook Algorithm

  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that there will be changes in Facebook's algorithm. Most specifically, with what the people can see in their news feeds.   According to Zuckerberg, they want people to see more of their

use boomerang on instagram
It’s More Fun with Boomerang

  Instagram's Boomerang was one of the biggest trends in social media marketing last year. SM experts and gurus have predicted that it would still be one of the trends this year.   With the rise of video marketing's popularity,

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Social Media in Times of Marketing Crisis

  It happens to the best of us. Personally, that is.   Creating a social media presence requires a lot of careful attention to details. Just one wrong move - a word, an image, a comment, reply, etc. - could

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How to Create a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

  Much has been said about video marketing being a 'big thing' this 2018. We shouldn't be surprised if more companies invest their online marketing efforts in creating videos and putting them up in their respective social media accounts and

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Videos, Shopping, & More for Instagram this 2018!

With over 800 million users, who wouldn't want to market on Instagram?   Instagram, a social media platform and mobile app for photos and videos, have ballooned their numbers over the years. What seemed to be a simple photo-sharing platform has

New Year, New Trends for Social Media

It is the new year! And with the new year comes new trends in online marketing. Most online marketing websites would suggest optimizing your social media accounts. And why not? Every platform is now a big thing in online marketing.

Cheers to the New Year!

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2018! May we grow together in discovering and achieving online and social media marketing goals for the year. From your Rocket Social Team!

Social media 2018
Online Marketing Resolutions for 2018

Out with the old; in with the new.   This has always been the mentality of everyone for the new year. And of course, online marketing is no exemption to that.   There were strategies that we loved using the

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! We hope you'll get to enjoy this festive season! From your Rocket Social Team.

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How to Market Your Business when it’s not Holiday-ish

Let's face it. If you're not selling gift or food items, your business is most probably hushed down during the holidays.   This is the season when people are crazy about shopping for gifts like clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books,

Social media marketing
How to Market the Holidays to Those who Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Most of us think of Christmas as a tradition in relation to religion. It is a cultural celebration, yes; but with culture comes the religious belief of the majority.   While for Christians, this is a celebration of Christ's birth,

instagram followers for christmas
Optimize your Online Marketing for Christmas

  The season of cheer is here! So is the season of good food and gift giving.   Christmas is one of the most popular holidays around the globe - and is the busiest one for countless of businesses around

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Boost Your Business with Instagram Stories

Optimizing the use of social media and their plethora of features is important for any business. Online marketers should know the trend of all of the available social platforms and must know how to navigate their way to success using

Dating Apps, Finding Romance, & Standards

  Finding romance is getting trickier the past days. Balancing work and your social life - plus, personal life - is more of a struggling juggle.   There's just little room to meet new people, get acquainted, and go on

Keeping Your Followers Up-to-Date While on Travel
Keeping Your Followers Up-to-Date While on Travel

We all know that engagement is key in maintaining a good social media reputation.   The rule always says to keep your social media accounts updated by posting daily. It should be something interesting and relatable to your audience.  

facebook is testing a new feature
Facebook is Testing a Resume Feature and What This Could Mean to You

Long gone are the days that you have to personally walk in and submit job applications. For years, technology made sure that it would be convenient to both the applicant and the employer to find a perfect match. Job search

social media for social change
Social Media for Social Change

The hashtag #MeToo has been trending on Twitter for days. Some are even still participating in this social media awareness campaign up until today.   This campaign was sparked by a series of accusations against film producer and movie mogul

Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking
Save for Later: Twitter’s Way of Bookmarking

You open your Twitter and scroll through the tweets. Boring... boring... bo-... oh! Something interesting and worth the read!   But you don't have much time to read it now. How about reading it later? Impossible.   Is this scene

facebook snooze
Facebook Snooze: Good or Bad Idea?

Last month, Facebook rolled out a snooze feature available to some users.   This feature would allow you to 'snooze' a specific person, pages, or group instead of unfollowing, unfriended, or completely unblocking them. This means that you can put

investing on instagram
Why Fashion Brands Are Investing On Instagram

Fashion brands, like other business out there, are starting to invest on Instagram. Since the platform rolled out its advertising features (and even before without it), they saw it as an excellent opportunity to put their brand forward and engage

gary vaynerchuck instagram
Best Apps to Save Instagram Stories

Since Snapchat introduced stories, other social networking apps have followed suit. You can see story features in Instagram and, now, on Facebook. But for the sake of this blog, let's focus on Instagram.   When Instagram started, grabbing other people's

5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel
5 Gadgets to Bring With You on Travel

Going on travel is probably one of the most exciting things you look forward to.   It's that one activity that takes your mind off things and lets you have a well-deserved rest.   (more…)

edit feature on twitter
Why Don’t We Still Have An Edit Feature, Twitter?

  Avid Twitter users get it. We need an edit feature.   For the many times you committed a grammar or typographical error, you could only scratch your head and hope you can see that 'Edit' button somewhere someday.  

instagram tips
Deliciously Instagramable: Tips for Food Blogging Beginners

Instagram has been the place for good photos online. It can become an online gallery of a brand's product - be it food, clothing, or even travel.   Bloggers, on the other hand, would love to brand themselves as an

Let your social media accounts stay active - and alive!
Never Put Your Social Media Accounts to Sleep

Putting up social media accounts for your company is more of required now than it is an option. You have to put yourself out there and reach out to your audience.   The beginning is always the hardest part. Setting

Chat bots can be a great investment for your business.
Chatbots for you Company: Yay or Nay?

Gone were the days when companies would value volume of calls over the quality of customer service they give to their prospects or customers. Now, they are more customer-centric.   More companies are giving importance to customer experience; giving weight