Best Instagram Filters for Spring Season

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Get ready for a fun spring season with photos and filters that would liven up your Instagram feed!


Spring is here! And it’s one of the best season to take beautiful, colorful photos that would fit best in your Instagram feed. Especially those spring break selfies! Yey!
If you have an astounding IG reputation for good quality photos, now is the best time to step it up a notch. If you’re still starting to have a bit of ‘fan-base’ or following online, then give in to experimenting with your photos.
The best thing about spring is the natural light. Gone are the gloomy winter days. Take advantage of the light and sunshine and take awesome photos around you. Whether you want to take photo of people or environment – or even selfies – this is the perfect season.
But what’s an Instagram photo without a bit of fun, eh? Sure, #NoFilter sounds cool and takes a lot of skill. But there’s nothing wrong with playing around with your photos and edit them a bit, right?
Here are a few Instagram and VSCO filters and settings you can use for those beautiful Spring snaps!

Instagram Filters for Spring


  • Charmes. This filter gives your photo a red-ish tint that makes your photos look a little warmer. While it may seem like a summer filter, but it matches well with spring, too.

  • Skyline. The name itself already gives you an idea when best to us it. Skyline is a great filter to help brighten up your photo and makes those colors pop.

  • Brannan. A filter for a spring selfie? This can do the trick. With  high exposure and contrast, its yellow tint can brighten those selfies like you’re under the sun.

  • Nashville. Want to mix warm and bright tones? Nashville might just be the perfect filter for that. Maybe a little vintage-looking but it works!

  • Perpetua. This filter is best for your beach photos. It enhances the yellow and green tones on your photo giving it a vibrant look.

VSCO Filters for Spring



  • E3. The E3 filter gives your photo a bright and pastel tone. It’s perfect for outdoor photos especially when you include that vast sky, sea, and sand. (Saturation: +2, Exposure: -1, Shadows: +3.5)

  • F2+1. To all foodies out there, this is the perfect spring filter combination for you. Take a photo of those delicious and nutritious greens, carrots, and potatoes plus healthy fruit shakes and transform them into a more delectable looking dish! (Contrast: +1, Saturation: +2)

  • F2+10. Bring in the colorful clothes and take photos of yourself with the flowers in bloom. This filter increases the vibrant colors in your photos. (Exposure: +1, Saturation: +2, Temperature: -1, Shadows Tint Green: +4)

  • C1. Like the previous filter preset, C1 also brings out the colors in your photo. Take advantage of the contrasting colors in your background especially with the flowers, trees, sky, etc. (Exposure: +1, Contrast: -1, Tint: +3)

  • A5+12. If everything is just too bright for you, you can hush it down with a bit of pastel plus a darker contrast. (Exposure: -1, Contrast: +2, Saturation: -1, Temperature: +1, Tint: +6, Skin Tone: -3, Fade: +1)

Of course, all of these are mere suggestions. Feel free to play around the settings of your filters, especially with VSCO. Experiment and find the best one for you.
Remember that in using filters, make sure to remember the settings and be consistent with it to create a thematic look in your Instagram news feed. So go ahead and take on the IG world!


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