Best Apps to Save Instagram Stories

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Since Snapchat introduced stories, other social networking apps have followed suit. You can see story features in Instagram and, now, on Facebook. But for the sake of this blog, let’s focus on Instagram.
When Instagram started, grabbing other people’s photos and videos was a big puzzle to most users. It should be because grabbing somebody else’s posts just poses a significant security issue. However, this has already been addressed through apps and online services.
Now, there’s IG Story.
This innovation goes back to the same dilemma. This one’s harder to do since IG stories only last for 24 hours.
Here’s where the beauty of technology comes in; thanks to diligent and dedicated programmers. There are now multiple apps – both for Android and iOS – that will enable you to save IG stories on your phone.
Rocket Social have handpicked a few that we like.

Story Saver for Instagram (Android)

Story Saver is the easiest and just the best IG Story saver app for Android users.
Using the app is pretty straight to the point. You just have to log into the app using your Instagram account, search for a particular profile, and browse through their IG story feed.
Tap on a photo or video from the profile’s stories and tap Save. You now have a copy of it on your phone.
Straightforward. User-friendly. That’s why we love it!

InstaStories Viewer (iOS)

Forget about jailbreaking. You don’t have to do that just to grab IG stories. Just download InstaStories app on your phone.
It works just like Story Saver. Just download, log in and search for stories you want to download. IN a single tap, you’ll find the photo or video saved on your phone.
We love this for the same reasons we love Story Saver. If you got that app for Android, this is its iOS counterpart.

IG Live (iOS)

IG Live is another iOS app that helps you download IG stories on your phone.
The only difference is that IG Live will allow you to keep tabs of your favorite profile on Instagram. No need to go through an entire feed of IG stories.
This is best if you’re following certain profiles. If not, InstaStories would do.


If you don’t like to download an app on your phone StoriesIG.
StoriesIG is a web-based app that allows you to search for an Instagram profile and download their latest stories.
Just go to their website and key in the Instagram profile you’re looking for. Be sure to spell it correctly so it would be easier to search for it.
Then, you can see all the stories they made and just click on the story you want to download. You’ll then be redirected to the post where you can click ‘Download’ to save it on your phone or even on your computer.
StoriesIG might not be the first option you’ll resort to, but this is useful if you’re not really into downloading stories from other people. This is best for those who just want to download a story or two for work or research purposes.
And with that, we still would love to recommend this app or service to everyone.

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