Beating the New Facebook Algorithm

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that there will be changes in Facebook’s algorithm. Most specifically, with what the people can see in their news feeds.
According to Zuckerberg, they want people to see more of their family and friends in their news feed than ads and posts from pages. That is including business pages. And that speaks a lot for companies who relied so much on their Facebook marketing.
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Obviously, this change is going to affect your business if you’ve been pouring a lot of money and effort on building up the number of followers. And this is the worst news for those who really PAID to gain followers.
But don’t fixate on the problem so much. All is not lost and just for naught.
If you know how to navigate around this new algorithm, you would still be able to target your audience. While it might not be the surefire way to do it (none of the Facebook Pages practices are, anyway) but it will somehow give you the helping hand.

Create engaging content.

If you create something that is creative enough to engage your audience, then do it.
Be as creative and, even, daring as possible. Make sure that the content you create or the campaign that you do will not only catch attention but would also encourage participation from them.
Getting your audience to participate in your marketing campaign is like letting them do it for you.

Connect to your audience.

Of course, engagement would mean trying to reach out and connect to your audience. But connecting doesn’t only result to their participation in the entire scheme of things.
A simple video or post that relates to them and their day-to-day lives is already a huge step.
So what does this do for you? It’s simple.
If you create something relatable, they would share it on their news feed. Again, this is like tapping them to get into the audience’s ‘sphere’ and not be totally left out as a result of the algorithm.

Tap on influencers.

If the other two doesn’t work quite well for you – maybe it’s difficult to create content for your brand to fit that criteria, then tap on ‘ordinary’ people or influencers to spread the word.
Since Facebook’s new News Feed algorithm would feature more posts from friends and people that they’re interested in, then it’s best to tap on that pool of people.
This is also a better move for local brands or businesses. You can simply tap highly influential people in the local community to speak for your brand.

A lot of work to be done ahead!

With all that’s been said, there’s a lot of work for you to do. This might seem like a huge load of adjustments, but if you start with the people that matter most – you guessed it right; the audience – then it won’t be such a long shot.
Learn to listen to your audience. Observe their Facebook behavior on what posts from pages their share and extend to their families and friends, too.
After all, we’re all consumers and humans. We know how we behave on our personal social media accounts. This is, then, the best time to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes.

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