Backlinking: An Effective SEO Tool For Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach has changed with innovations in the internet and thanks to the connective power of backlinks and affiliate links, read on to find out more about the benefits of Backlinking and its effectiveness to blogger outreach. 

Blogger outreach as we know it

Let’s say you visit a website that talks about the best ways to generate organic traffic, you might find links to other websites that in one way or the other mentions something related to the topic. This way the links not only enhanced visitors experience but also have generated traffic for the enlisted links. That’s the way backlinks work. Just like a superstar singer announcing a wannabe on a billboard stage!

From a website users perspective, Backlinks are vital because it provides a medium for the user to access more information about the topic or at least something related. But that’s just one minor benefit of Backlinks. 

Traditionally, Backlinks helps to decide a page’s authority and importance, especially for search engines. Which means the number of backlinks determines the popularity of the page. However, in recent times backlinks are assessed based on various industry-related factors. 

As a result, the quality of the sites from where the links come from, are majorly considered as against the number of links. Invariably, if you have a high number of Backlinks from unreliable external sites, the authoritative signal of your website is heavily jeopardised. For this reason, one should be mindful of the sources of links found on your domain.

Google and other search engines use links to determine how dependable a website is from the onset. Backlinks are seen as a kind of approval from other websites, therefore more links on your website means more reliability and the closer you are to Google first page of search results. 

What Is Backlinking? 

We are trying to avoid clichés here, but the idea of backlinking is that links from external domains point to contents on your domain, basically linking back from their domain to yours. The thing is, to a larger extent, your backlink profile consists of backlinks from outside domains and this enhances the relevance of your profile. 

It’s a given, that external sites will link back to your content if it is useful, relevant or in some way boosts their domain authority. That’s the concept behind backlinking, have a unique content the world wants to see and a popular blogger that wants it published on his or her site.

How Do I Know A Good Backlink Profile? 

Naturally, backlink profiles vary. This variation stems from the fact that links come in different strengths and from different domains. Some domains have better links than others because these domains are trusted sources and wield a higher domain authority. 

For a better understanding of your Backlinks profile, ensure to look at the referring domains, IPs and of course the country from where the link is coming from. Educational institutions (.edu) and government entities (.gov) are regarded by search engines as domains that possess high authority and carry trusted content. 

Likewise, links from countries like Russia and Brazil should be avoided as they can spam your site. So ensure to recant links that comes from this part of the world as soon you can find them.

What Are The Best Backlinking Tactics?

One of the most challenging aspects of influencer marketing is building links. Apart from employing services of astute link builders like First Man, check out these effective link building tactics. 

1. Live The Competition And Thrive On It

It’s all about the competition. Yes! You will have to displace some other sites on the SEO hierarchy to be ranked higher. It’s frustrating to be behind your contemporaries in the ranking system all because they have top notch link building strategies. So what do you do? You imitate them! 

Try to find out keywords related to your niche, copy the links displayed on top of the result page. Paste them on apps that can help detect the site Backlinks reports. This enables you know the websites linking to your competitors. 

Bingo! You just got yourself a site to build a relationship with. 

2. Better The Strategies 

It’s not just enough to employ your competitors’ strategies; you’ll have to go a step further if you really want to beat them. Improve on their shortcomings, create a better content, and convince their website links to link to you instead. 

Don’t just convert one website, try all if possible. Everything is fair in love and war! 

3. Homepage Links Are Good, Best Content Links Are Better

Most links point back to their homepage. That’s typical, but it would have been better if it linked back to product or service pages. Ensure that these links point to pages with your best contents. 

This may sound demanding as you won’t like to overburden your influencer. But it’s worth the try. Few might do you the favor, but who needs many? 

4. Guest post On Other Sites

It all still bores down to networking. No matter how big a blogger you are, you only get bigger by appearing on not just your website but others’ too. Seek out websites in your niche and request that you post content on their blogs. 

That way your target audience base is increased. That’s the networking secret! 

5. Invite And Accept Guest Posts Also

This time you put your relationship with the experts to work. Invite them to post blogs on your website. This tactics works wonders in two ways. First, the expert blogger might mention their works on your website to other sites. 

Moreover, you could tap into the vast followings of the expert blogger. Either way, more traffic on your site!

6. Abide By The Commenting Etiquette 

As much you’re tempted to, avoid the obsolete stunt of adding a link to your comment on someone’s post. It will boomerang. There’s a proper way instead, I’ll show you. 

Recall that when posting a comment, you’re required to fill out some boxes and one of them is your website link? Eureka! Once your comment is posted and your name hyperlinked, you’ve been done a great favor. It’s now left for you to arouse their inquisition with so much quality information that they’ll have to click the link to see more. 

7. Popular Video Transcription Tactics 

There are some popular videos related to your niche. And believe me no one wants to see a 45-minute video if it’s not MJ moon walking. So use that to your advantage by transcribing the video; then using as a playing card to establish a relationship with the channel that posted it. 

There is a possibility that your transcriptions will be used by the channel. Your name and website is mentioned and traffic just keeps flowing in. 

8. Use Google Alerts

This might not be too popular but it works all the same. Google Alerts informs you that your name has been mentioned on a particular website. Follow up this lead and ensure the blogger affixes a link to website. 

Employ these tactics, and you could be in for some mind blowing organic traffic. 

How Does Backlinking Relate To Blogger Outreach?

Backlinking is an indispensable SEO tool for newly launched websites, who wish to hit the skies in no time with regards to google ranking. It’s an easy way to get mentioned in a high-traffic domain thereby enhancing your popularity; Blogger outreach works wonders in this aspect. 

Blogger outreach entails getting across to big time bloggers in a particular niche that has an established audience base and large number of visits. This bloggers also have high domain authorities and would increase the importance of your website by including a link to your website on their own website. This links are normally published in a fresh content or an existing blog post. 

Not only is your website rank improving by its growing importance, you also get to pull their fans to your website. With this tactic, your site will be giving its competitors a good run for their money in no time. 

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Blogger outreach campaigns aka influencer marketing have been used in recent times as a medium of announcing young platforms on a bigger stage. The idea behind an outreach campaign is that this young platform leverages on the established following of an influencer. This influencer in turn mentions the young platform to her substantial fan base. 

You get the symbiotic relationship don’t you? Let me elaborate. For instance a company seeks exposure for a product or service, contacts a popular advertising firm asking them to make the product famous in exchange for free access to the product or service. 

Established bloggers announce new websites through publishing their Backlinks on a blog post and in turn get a higher domain authority.

Why Consider Blogger Outreach 

Blogger outreach centers majorly on relationship building. It’s basically contacting other bloggers to find out the best way you both can be of help to each other. An effective blogger outreach strategy is needed for you to be a successful blogger. It can be done online or offline, maybe by attending conferences. 

Aside the fact that blogger outreach shoots your website up the SEO ranks, ensures more traffic by granting better online exposure, there some other reasons why it’s important:

1. Establishing Content Exposure 

You sure don’t want your great contents to be viewed by just family and friends. Someone out there really needs to read your article. It’s relevance may generate interest from the bloggers audience who in turn reads and shares your comment.

2. Guest Post Invitation

You may invite an influential blogger to guest post on your website, maybe appear on your podcast, and contribute to an article depending on the relationship, all in a bid to leverage on their established fan base. 

3. Start A Long Term Partnership 

You are certainly considering the long term if you are building a relationship. You get to know each other and device means of helping each other climb the SEO ladder either by backlinking or sharing each other’s content. It’s all about relationship and trust. 

You need to have an existing relationship with the influencer to sustain the long term partnership. Building this trust takes time and sometimes might require some excellent link building services. These service providers like First Man, help bridge the gap between you and the influencer in no time. 

First Man doesn’t just announce you; it ensures that your website skyrockets in search engine ranking. The organic traffic that follows is mind blowing! 


The internet has taken the world by storm. Virtually everything that matters is now done online. The biggest businesses and the most influential clients have taken it as their common ground. 

This makes it harder by the day to get your brand to the center stage where it will serve its purpose effectively. No matter how good your contents are, it’s of little use if it doesn’t get to the targeted audience. 

Backlinking, in recent times have been used as effective tool to achieve this popularity stunt. Just like every other practice it has its pros and cons. The ability to maximize its pros has been the distinguishing factor between those websites that are always on the front page of every search engine and those in limbo. 

We trust that this article has given you an insight on how to use backlinking to run effective SEO blogger outreach campaigns. See you at the front page!


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