Social Media Updates: September Round-up

Been out of the radar lately? This week, we’re doing a round-up of this month’s social media updates. Get to know the latest news and updates about them here!

SEO Ranking Tips for Beginners

SEO Ranking is a tricky part in website optimization especially for beginners. Here are some quick tips your can follow to improve your SEO ranking.

How to Grow as an Online Marketer

Being in a job is not enough. You should seek improvement in your skills. Here are a few tips we can give you for you to grow as an online marketer.

Blogging Tips for Young Writers

This #EncourageAYoungWriterDay, we give out some easy-to-follow blogging tips for young writers who want to start out their own blog. Start your blog now!

Want to be a Twitter Beta Tester?

Listen up! If you’re curious how it feels like to be the first to know of the latest features, you might get a show at becoming a Twitter beta tester!

Gain Massive Followers for your Business in Instagram using these Five Tips

With more than 500 million active accounts worldwide and 80% of these accounts following a business profile, Instagram is surely a viable platform to advertise your business. Just like other social media platforms, you need to exert effort in increasing your organic followers in order to convert them into sales. Promoting your business in Instagram […]

Crafting a Social Media Campaign for Generation Z

Who are the ‘Generation Z’ and why should any brand be concerned about marketing to this specific audience? The Generation Z-ers are those born in the 90’s up to the early 2000’s. They are today’s young ones – teenagers to young adults. Unlike the generation before them, the Generation Z are more into the digital […]

The Basics of Personal Branding

personnel branding

How do you stand out in the internet when it’s full of clutter? Do you think your online identity will be just a disposable waste? Do you think it would be easily overlooked like many others?   The internet is filled with information, including information of different talented and able individuals who left their mark […]

How to Maximize IGTV for Your Brand

how to use itv

Welcome to IGTV! Instagram’s new feature that would allow content creators to upload up to an hour of video. Move over YouTube, because IG just made the big move.

It’s Time for a Social Media Detox

instagram growth service

  Have you reached that point where social media is just too much for you?   We believe everyone has or have been or will eventually go through this phase. With millions and billions of people online (plus the dummy or bot accounts), social media is bombarded with content. No amount of filters would work. […]

Pinterest Now in Hootsuite

You won’t have to worry about schedule your posts in Pinterest anymore. You can now do so in Hootsuite!

From Instagram to Table

from instagram to table

Here’s a familiar scenario:   You open your Instagram account, scroll up your entire feed, and… BOOM! An Instagram post of your favorite restaurant promotion their best-seller or new offering. Yummy, right? Then, you find yourself wanting it more than ever. And in an instant!   Don’t worry. Instagram got you covered with all your […]