5 Instagram Live Ideas for Your Company’s Products and Services

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On our previous post, we talked about how to conduct an Instagram Live.

Now, we’ll discuss five (5) ways on how you can present your IG Live depending on what your current needs, goal, and target should be.

See if these would fit well into your online marketing goals and go ahead and prepare for it!

Live Feed of Event

One of the most popular and most common uses for Instagram Live (or any social media live features) is to conduct a live feed of your event.
Other people – like your guests – can do this for you. But if you want to keep a copy of the entire event that is professionally done, you must be the one to do the feed on your company’s IG account.
Set up cameras and make sure the audio is perfect. Situate the camera at the best angle possible (if you want to use a tripod) and make sure nothing blocks its way. You can also assign someone with more steady hands to hold the camera or phone for you so you can move around for your audience to see.

Live Demos

Live Demos is pretty popular with companies, too. This is easier than an even live feed because you’ll most probably just need a steady cam.
This is best for companies who make or create their own products. You can also do live demos of new features or software or application.
The challenge with live demos is on how not to make it seem boring. Doing a demo would mean a step-by-step guide to something… and it might just end up monotonous throughout.
Look for interesting topics or products to demo. You can add a host that is quirky and funny so he can engage with the audience more.

Guest Interviews

Inviting special guests for an Instagram Live is also a great idea.
You can tap on one of your influencers. If you have a commercial model, the better.
Bringing in a new face in your IG Live can draw interest from audiences. It’s also a great chance to show them that your influencer or model really knows about your products or services.
This is highly effective for those who have famous or popular endorsers.

Audience Q&A

Have you ever wondered if there are things your customers want to know about your company, product, or YOU?
They surely have a question or two for you.
Doing an audience Q&A is a perfect idea to address them.
Take advantage of the comments section and have someone moderate and monitor the questions for you. Interested customers and patrons of your brand would sure watch out for a Q&A event like this.

Office Walkthrough

This may seem weird and totally out-of-the-box but, yes. You can do an office or workplace walkthrough. Give everyone a tour of the production area if you like.
A walkthrough is like bringing your company closer to your customers and opening up your doors for them. Let them see what an ordinary day at work looks like (or so as you like them to see how it looks like).

If your brand is producing a product in a bigger factory that a live demo can’t accommodate, a walkthrough would be perfect.


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