How to make Instagrammable Posts when Traveling Solo

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Traveling is always something that can produce a lot of instagrammable pictures. New place, new experiences, new posts!

When you travel, you’ll definitely have more posts than what you normally have on regular days. It’s easy to have some instagrammable posts if you are traveling with other people. You can ask them to retake the shots until you’ll have your post worthy shot.

But what is particularly challenging is when you’re traveling alone. Oh no! Does that mean that you’ll only be posting your selfies? Will your travel be one of those times where you wish you had an Instagram boyfriend to take your pictures?

Well, worry no more! Let’s take independence to a whole new level.

Traveling solo? No problem!

Learning to take instragammable pictures when traveling alone is something you can learn and be very good at.

So be worry free and bring back good memories with you because in this post, we will teach you how to create Instagrammable posts when traveling solo:

Use some accessories

To get those Instagram worthy photos when traveling alone, it wouldn’t hurt to get some assistance by using accessories. These equipment will help you get better photos and will produce more than just selfies.

What are these? Here’s a shortlist:

  • Have a little Tripod

A tripod can be very helpful especially if you want to take photos with a view. You can position and set your tripod before posing in front of your camera. It provides balance and stillness to your photograph thus making it post worthy.

You can also use tripods to take videos. The support it can give to your camera can help you produce good and steady videos without the worry of blurriness or unsteadiness of your hands.

  • Use a remote control for your camera

No need to hurry in front of the camera so you can make it to the 10 or 20 second timer. You can use a remote control and just click it once you are satisfied with your pose.

No need to stress out and race with the timer!

  • Use fish lens

Worried that your hands or selfie stick is not long enough to capture the view? Then worry no more! You can use a fish lens to capture a wider background.

It will also add drama and creativity to your picture. Plus, a fish lens is one very handy accessory *winks*

  • Use a drone

A drone can also be an option. If you feel like taking an aerial view or really breathtaking photos of the place, then add the drone to your baggage allowance.

With the help of the drone, you can definitely take some one of a kind photos and videos.

Getting help from these accessories can improve the quality of your photos in a significant way. Just choose those that are handy, so it won’t stress you out during the transit. Or if you want to take the bulky ones, just prepare for it carefully and plan ahead of time.

  1. Ask someone to take a photo of you


You might not have an Instagram boyfriend or husband or friend with you but that doesn’t mean that you cannot ask assistance from other people.


You just have to practice that friendly smile and be confident enough to approach someone and take a photo of you. It just needs a blend of proper timing, charm and a smile.


  • Ask a friendly stranger

You can look around the area and spot for friendly strangers to take your photo. Use your instinct to assess whether the person can take good photos or not.

One clue is if the person has his/her own camera, a DSLR maybe. Though having a camera is not a guarantee of great photography skills, it’s always worth a try.

  • Ask fellow travelers

Yes, fellow travelers fall in another category because these travelers would want to take good pictures of themselves too. This means they can picture out how to take a picture the way they want it to be taken if it was them.

After taking the picture, also offer if they want their picture to be taken. It should be a give and take relationship. If you would join a group tour, you can be friends with one of your tour mates and you can take turns in taking photos of each other during the tour.

Not everyone are gifted with the skill of photography so in case you are not satisfied with what they’ve taken just wait for them to go and ask someone else to take a picture of you. This time, we hope it will already pass your standards.

But if there’s one thing this experience will teach you, it’s that you have to believe in the goodness of other people and hopefully, it is something that will make you believe in goodness.

  1. Use some tricks


There are different ways to go around good photos or videos. You can use the help of your phone’s features, so you’ll have the option to choose from different photos.


  • Burst Mode

When taking a jump shot for example, you can set it to burst mode so you’ll have several pictures to choose from.

After taking the picture, just choose which one you like best and post it in your Instagram account.

  • Video Screenshots

You can also take videos and do a video screenshot. You just have to scan through your videos, find a good scene and take a screenshot. For example, you can use a tripod to take a video, take your pose and do the screenshot.

  • Use applications

Take advantage of the different features of your phone. You can do a time lapse video especially if you want to show something in motion. You can also make use of boomerang to add effect to your post or the slow-motion effect of your phone to have a creative post. You can even use panorama and take creative shots to have witty and unique picture.

  1. Use Yourself

Of course, you’ll always have yourself to depend on. IF there’s no one around or you’re too shy to ask someone to take photos of you, here are some option that you can do.

  • Long Arm Selfie

You can use your arms to do a selfie. Just stretch those arms, find a good angle and click!

  • Use a selfie stick

If you feel like your arms are not long enough, then go with the good old selfie stick. You can choose to have the selfie stick where in you can automatically take the picture by just clicking a button.

You can take better pictures this way because you won’t have to click on the selfie timer and prepare yourself in just a few seconds.

You can have more angles and you can take a wider background.

  • Put random parts of your body

Your pictures don’t need to be all about yourself. You can take a picture of random parts of your body and it will be Instagram worthy just the same.

If you want to take a picture of a really artsy, fartsy floor, you can take a picture of it with your feet or your shoes.

  • Take pictures of beautiful views

You can also capture pictures of really good views. It can be very a Instagram worthy post and it can be more meaningful.

You can take photo of something unique to the place that you’re visiting and pair it with a meaningful caption. You take a picture of a sunrise or a sunset or picture of famous tourist spots.

  • Learn how to pose

Another important skill to have with you when traveling alone is to learn how to pose. A good pose can produce good angles and good angles can give you good pictures.

In this tip, you’ll have to do a little (or a lot of) practice. You can try out some poses and have a trial and error before the trip until you’ll get a picture that would satisfy your taste.

Then you’ll just have to redo it once you are on the actual trip.

Traveling is one of the most memorable things a person can do. And a better way to remember it is to keep memoirs that will remind you of that wonderful experience.

You’d always want to look back to these memories and remember the feeling you had while you were there. That’s why it is best to have a good copy of these memories so when you look at it again in the future, it’ll paint a smile on your face.

An important thing to remember though is that, you shouldn’t let these pictures take over your actual experience. Taking these pictures must not overtake the experience you should have gotten while in the place. While it is best to have good memories to look back to, what you must remember is the feeling behind the picture because if not, these pictures will remain as still memories.

Traveling is one of the most memorable things a person can do. And everyone deserves a good memoir  – and traveling alone should not hinder people from getting the memories they deserve.

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