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What Companies Are Still Doing Wrong with Their Social Media Marketing

  Just a month to go and we'll be halfway through the year.   If we talk about social media and online marketing, the past months were a blast. There were a lot of improvements and new features that really

from instagram to table
From Instagram to Table

Here's a familiar scenario:   You open your Instagram account, scroll up your entire feed, and... BOOM! An Instagram post of your favorite restaurant promotion their best-seller or new offering. Yummy, right? Then, you find yourself wanting it more than

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Give the Best Chat Support to Your Customers

  People want to reach out and get support the easiest and fastest way possible. Of course, if the customer is your top priority, you also need to give the best possible channel for support.   Most companies would often

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5 Instagram Live Ideas for Your Company’s Products and Services

On our previous post, we talked about how to conduct an Instagram Live. Now, we'll discuss five (5) ways on how you can present your IG Live depending on what your current needs, goal, and target should be. See if