Instagram Live Feed
A Quick Guide on How to Conduct an Instagram Live Feed

We've talked about Instagram Stories before, it's time to put your social media presence to a higher level.   One of the social media features that you should try to maximize your business is Instagram Live.   Instagram Live was

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Giving Away Discounts? It Might Not Be the Best Strategy Anymore

  Some businesses think twice about giving discounts. Nobody's really sure where the boundary lies between discounting items to earn sales or losing profit.   There is something enticing about discounts, especially to consumers. Of course, who wouldn't love a

facebook messenger option
Facebook is Looking Into an ‘Unsend’ Option for Messenger

  The word's out. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has indeed deleted some of his messages sent to recipients on Messenger. While this is not possible for others, it is for Zuckerberg. Guess being CEO has a lot of perks, right?

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Best Instagram Filters for Spring Season

  Spring is here! And it's one of the best season to take beautiful, colorful photos that would fit best in your Instagram feed. Especially those spring break selfies! Yey!   If you have an astounding IG reputation for good